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Chandelier after Everbrite

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You just spent hours and hours cleaning your beautiful brass lamp and you want to keep it from tarnishing. You never want to clean it again! Maybe you inherited it or found a great find at an antique store but don't like the tarnished look of the brass.

ProtectaClear is an easy to apply, tough, clear protective coating that will keep your lamps & chandeliers looking like you just finished polishing.

ProtectaClear is easy to apply. After the metal is cleaned, neutralized and the polish residue is removed, simply wipe ProtectaClear on with the applicator pad that comes with every order.

I can't believe how well the Protectaclear covered and the ease with which it was applied. Everbrite has a winner in my husbands book. The antique solid brass lamp is once again beautiful. It literally was on its way to the dumpster!!!
Marilyn R. Lenoir City, TN

Chandelier coated with Everbrite

Chandelier Protected with Everbrite. Jane Shoemaker bought it for $35.00 cleaned it up and coated it. Beautiful Job, Jane.

I'm very happy with the results. The finish is perfect, and is exactly what was there. The ProtectaClear did not make the finish very shiny. It looks polished and not at all plastic-y. Thank you! Best regards,
Alexandra C. Berkeley, CA

Alexandra's Antique Brass Chandelier

Chandelier before Everbrite Chandelier after Everbrite

Chandelier coated with Everbrite

I had wanted to write you and send you a picture of our silver plated chandelier after I coated it with Everbrite. I'll send you a photo as well as telling you how happy I am with the results, not to mention how relieved I am that I will never have to polish that sucker again! also, you'll see 2 pewter candlesticks that we coated as well. again, great results and more relief! all the best to you and everyone at Everbrite.
sincerely, Jim S.

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Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear to protect brass, silver, stainless lights, chandeliers, lamps and more.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear.

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