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Everbrite and ProtectaClear Coatings will Renew, Restore and Protect. Here are some applications for each coating.   

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Restore Faded Storage Doors with Everbrite. Restore Faded Siding to Look New Again with Everbrite Protect Your Copper Kitchen with ProtectaClear Restore Faded Anodized Aluminum to Look New Again with Everbrite 
 Protect Bronze Sculptures from Tarnish, Oxidation and Corrosion with Everbrite Protect Brass Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures from Tarnishing with ProtectaClear   Protect Weathervanes from Tarnish and Corrosion with Everbrite

We also have a Sitemap which lists individual uses and suggests which coating to use.

Everbrite Protective Coating has additional U.V. Blockers and Anti-Oxidants. Everbrite is generally recommended for use on painted metal like metal buildings, metal roofs, siding, and exterior metal that needs U.V. Protection. Weather vanes, cupolas, metal roofs and gutters benefit from the extra protection of Everbrite Protective Coating.

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Protect Brass and Silver Belt Buckles from Tarnish with ProtectaClear.   Protect Brass from Tarnishing with ProtectaClear  Protect Stainless Steel Railings with ProtectaClear Protect Wheels from Brake Dust, Road Salts and Corrosion with ProtectaClear. Protect Copper and Brass Sinks from Tarnish and Waterspots

ProtectaClear is a harder, more scratch resistant clear coating with extra resistance to salt corrosion. ProtectaClear is recommended for interior metals, metals in marine environments or where salt can be a problem, even on wheels driving through salt in the winter. ProtectaClear is recommended when abrasion can be a problem or on metal that gets a lot of use. Metal railings, brass kick plates, stainless steel, metal around pools or in a marine environment are all areas where ProtectaClear is recommended. Keep your Stainless Steel appliances looking great.

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Everbrite and ProtectaClear are also available in Satin Finish.

Satin Everbrite or ProtectaClear

Many of our customers want a Satin version of Everbrite or ProtectaClear. Some Artists want a satin finish on their sculptures, some metal looks better with a satin finish.

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Please Note: We do NOT carry aerosol cans with Satin finish.

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