Everbrite offers accessories to help you get your project done more easily. Extra applicator pads, Sponge Brushes, Nitrile gloves to protect your hands, Brushes that fit on poles to make cleaning easier and HVLP Sprayers to make application on large projects a breeze.

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EBC:NG Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves to protect your hands when cleaning or applying Everbrite Protective Coating.  Protect against chemicals and abrasives. Puncture-resistant. Latex Free.  One pair comes with every Everbrite Order.  Get extras.  $0.75 per pair.

EBC:PP Prep Pads

Prep Pads

Prep Pads.  These flexible, non-woven pads are a great substitute for steel wool.  They won't rust, shred, or splinter.  They're washable, reusable and can be cut and folded. Use to remove chalk, oxidation & stains from painted metal, clean anodized aluminum and more.  Clean Storage Doors, Metal Buildings, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum. Extra Fine — Use for light cleaning of steel and non-steel...

EBC:MFC Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

Ultra-Soft 16"x16" MicroFiber Cloths. Lint Free - Streak Free - Scratch Free Absorb higher amounts of water with a thicker weave than normal cloth towels. You will see the difference instantly. Excellent for use for cleaning or removing oxidation or chalk from metal. Great for detailing and washing automobiles or boats. Use dry for polishing or dusting. Dampen towel for tough clean up jobs.  Extra Large, Extra Soft. Extra...

EBC:MPC Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Ultra-Soft 8" x 8" MicroFiber Cloth Lint Free - Streak Free - Scratch Free Use for polishing, cleaning or buffing Can be used with all types of polish  Extra Soft Extra Tough, Wash & Use again and again

EBC:SLP Shur-Line Applicator

Shur-Line Applicator

Shur-Line Trim and Touch-Up Pads are a great way to apply Everbrite or ProtectaClear on narrow areas. A red hard plastic handle and 2 pads come in each package.  The pad is 2 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches wide.  Use to restore window frames, pool cages, furniture, automotive trim, deck caps, mailboxes or any other flat surfaces. 

EBC:SLP7 Shurline 7-inch Paint Pad

Shurline 7-inch Paint Pad

Shurline 7.5 inch Pad. The 7-1/2 in. Premium Teflon Painter Pad features a pivoted handle for optimal comfort and control. The handle has a soft grip. The pad is great for detail painting or coating in small and medium-size spaces for better control and accuracy. This threaded pad can fit mot extension poles. Use for small and medium-size areas for enhanced control and precision 7-1/2 in. pad width Pivoted handle for comfort and control ...

EBC:SLP7R Shurline 7-inch Paint Pad Refill

Shurline 7-inch Paint Pad Refill

ShurLine Refill Pad.  The 7 in. Premium Teflon Refill Pad is great for small and medium-size areas for better precision and control. This pad features a Teflon coating. This pad is quicker than a brush and has a finish smoother than a roller. Great for medium and small areas for improved accuracy and control 7 in. pad width Teflon coating Faster than a brush Smoother finish than a roller  

EBC:SLP-Edger Shurline Edger Pro

Shurline Edger Pro

The Shur-Line Edge Like A Pro Paint Edger is perfect for edging walls, ceilings, windows and baseboards. It has a retractable guide for mess-free paint loading and a quick-eject pad release button. It eliminates the need for edging tape and is threaded for pole attachment. Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue Swivel handle attaches to all standards polesEliminates Taping - save, money and timeErgonomic Quick retractable guiding wheels paint...

EBC:SLP-EdgerRefill Shurline Edger Refill

Shurline Edger Refill

Get a smooth, consistent finish with the Shur-Line Paint Edger Pad Refills. Made for all types of paints, it is easy to replace and clean. It can be used with the Ceiling and Trim Painter, Paint Edger, Paint Edging Kit, and the Premium Corner Painter. Shed-resistant woven pad provides a smooth, consistent finish Refill pad for the ceiling and trim painter, paint edger, paint edging kit, and the premium corner painter Made for all types of...


HVLP Sprayer

Easy to use, High Volume, Low Pressure sprayer with 1 Quart cup gun. Less overspray than Airless sprayers and applies Everbrite Coatings evenly and smoothly with less chance of runs. Manufactured by HomeRight.   The FinishMax Fine Finish Sprayer is a compact, lightweight and versatile HVLP spray station that works great for application of Everbrite.  Use for application on storage doors, metal buildings, sculptures, siding and more. ...

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