Everbrite Kits for Self Storage

Restore the color and luster of Self Storage Doors, metal buildings and exterior trim for the storage industry.  Protect metal from sun damage and salt damage as well.  

Choose different size kits:

  • Starter Kit will restore 2 large roll up doors.
  • Gallon Kit will restore 15-20 doors
  • Five Gallon Kit will restore 75 - 100 doors

The HVLP Sprayer makes the application of Everbrite coating much easier.  After the doors are completely clean and dry, spray on 2 coats of Everbrite for long lasting protection.  Your doors will look brand new!!!

Model Product Image Item Name Price
EB:EBSKB Everbrite Kit 16 oz with Brush

Everbrite Kit 16 oz with Brush

Everbrite Starter Kit with Cleaning Brush and Microfiber has everything included to clean and restore about 125 square feet of painted metal or anodized aluminum.  Clean and restore about 2 large storage doors, metal siding, anodized aluminum, garage doors, equipment, utility boxes and more. Your kit includes:  1 pint EVERBRITE Protective Coating - coverage about 125 sq.ft. of metal 8oz. EZ-PREP Concentrated Cleaner & Neutralizer...

EB:EB1KK Everbrite Restoration Kit - Gallon

Everbrite Restoration Kit - Gallon

Everbrite is a clear, protective coating that will restore the original color and luster of chalky, dull or faded siding and painted or   anodized metals.  Everbrite will also protect metal from fading, corrosion, color loss or oxidation. Everbrite will stop copper , brass or bronze from tarnishing or oxidizing. All anodized aluminum, powder coated, or painted surfaces will fade and chalk over time from sun damage. Once they are...

EB:EB5KK Everbrite Restoration Kit - 5000 Sq Ft

Everbrite Restoration Kit - 5000 Sq Ft

Clean and Rejuvenate Dull or Chalky Metal to look new again. Restores color and luster. Protects from fading, oxidation and corrosion. Refinish and protect 5000 square feet of metal siding, metal building, roll-up doors. About 5000 Square Feet of Metal or about 80-100 Large Storage Roll-Up Doors – 35 Prep Pads, 5 Microfiber Cleaning Towel, 1 Gallon EZ Prep™ Cleaner, 1 Cleaning Brush, 5 Gallon Pail of EVERBRITE™ Protective...


HVLP Sprayer

Easy to use, High Volume, Low Pressure HVLP sprayer with 2 cup guns. Less overspray than Airless sprayers and applies Everbrite Coatings evenly and smoothly with less chance of runs. Manufactured by Wagner.   The Wagner Control Spray Max Sprayer is a compact, lightweight and versatile HVLP spray station that works great for application of Everbrite.  Use for application on storage doors, metal buildings, sculptures, siding and more. ...

EBC:PPR Roll of Prep Pads

Roll of Prep Pads

Thirty (30) Foot Roll of Prep Pads.  You can cut to the best size for your job.  Cut to fit on Scrub Pad Swivel Holder or you can cut for small or larger pads.  Save $$ by ordering your Roll of Prep Pads.  These flexible, non-woven pads are a great substitute for steel wool.  They won't rust, shred, or splinter.  They're washable, reusable and can be cut and folded. Use to remove chalk, oxidation &...

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