Everbrite Aerosol 12 oz net wt

Everbrite Aerosol 12 oz net wt

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https://www.everbritecoatings.com/cart/everbrite-kits-with-cleaners-c-12.htmlhttp://www.everbritecoatings.com/cart/everbrite-kits-with-cleaners-c-12.htmlAn Everbrite 12 oz. net weight aerosol can is an easy way to protect metal with tough protection. Use for small metal projects with intricate parts (Covers about 60 square feet). The Everbrite aerosol can has a very fine spray tip and will seal and protect metal from tarnish, corrosion & oxidation and keep the metal looking freshly polished. More Information about Everbrite.

We do not recommend using Aerosol cans for large areas. With aerosol cans on large areas, it is easy to get thin spots that are not completely protected. When coating larger areas, we suggest using the liquid Everbrite. It is easier to completely coat the surface of large areas with a paint sprayer (like a fine finish HVLP), a high-density roller, a natural bristle paintbrush or by wiping the coating on with a pad. Click to check out our Everbrite Kits with Polishes and Cleaners. Everbrite liquid is self leveling, any brush marks will level out if left alone. 

For Metal that needs additional durable protection like jewelry, railings or other metal that gets a lot of use or handling, try a ProtectaClear Aerosol Can.

Aerosol cans MUST be shipped by UPS GROUND.

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