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What makes Everbrite Coatings so special??
  • EVERBRITE Protective Coating provides Long Term protection for Aluminum, Fiberglass, All Painted metals, Brass, Copper, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless steel, etc.
  • Everbrite Coatings are Crystal Clear and will refinish faded surfaces to the original color & finish. Will never yellow or discolor.

  • EVERBRITE prevents oxidation and damage from salt air corrosion, Ultra Violet Rays, acid rain, "white rust", tarnish & other damaging elements.

  • Everbrite Coatings remain flexible - Will not chip, crack, or peel. Will expand and contract with the substrate with temperature changes.

  • Easy to apply. Once the surface is cleaned, Everbrite Coatings can be sprayed, dipped, brushed or wiped on. NO mixing, buffing or polishing.

  • Everbrite Coatings are Self Leveling. After applying the coating, don't mess with it. Leave it alone and it will self level.

  • Indefinitely maintainable. Self Annealing - will liquefy and bond to itself to create a new one-part coating. Will not build up. No sanding or priming needed to apply or reapply. No need to strip prior to reapplication.
  • Homogenous. One part coating - Requires no dilution or mixing prior to use. Unlimited shelf life in sealed container.

  • Seals and protects repainted surfaces to help prevent moisture and sun damage damage.
  • Impact resistant. Rust inhibitor. Graffiti resistant.

  • Non-conductive - reduces static electricity.

  • Economical - will cover approximately 1000 sq.ft. per gallon.

  • Extremely light weight - dry film coating .0003 pounds per square foot. .5 mil wet film thickness, 10 - 15 microns dry film coating.

CHARACTERISTICS: Everbrite Coatings are clear polymer resin protective coatings that provides protection against fading caused by sunlight and corrosion caused by salt air on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanized, anodized and painted surfaces, hard vinyl, fiberglass, tile & marble. Everbrite Coatings remain flexible and will never chip, crack, peel or discolor. EVERBRITE refinishes faded, oxidized surfaces to a like-new condition.

Everbrite Coatings are homogenous, requires no dilution or mixing prior to use. Everbrite Coatings are easy to apply: compressed air sprayer, H.V.L.P. gun, airless sprayer or simply wipe on with a lint-free cloth or wax applicator.

Everbrite Coatings are self leveling and self priming and can be maintained indefinitely, and can be re-coated with no sanding or priming. Everbrite Coatings will bind to themselves to form a new one part coating so the surface can be maintained indefinitely.

Everbrite Coatings prevent the adherence of and lessens the buildup of dirt, fingerprints, algae, marine growth, bird droppings, etc. Smoke and lower temperature fire damage may be easily cleaned off of a EVERBRITE protected surface with soap and water.

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