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Has Your Building Lost It's Luster?

EVERBRITE Coatings are used to restore and protect building exteriors, anodized aluminum, window frames, curtain wall, elevators, stainless steel, bronze, brass, etc.

Cushman-Wakefield, the world's largest private property management group is restoring the AON Building in Los Angeles with Everbrite Coatings. The clear anodized aluminum on the corners and the crown of the building were restored in 2008.  

In 2008 the external clear, aluminum corners and upper cladding sections of AON Centre were coated and protected for Cushman & Wakefield Inc. 

The AON building is an office skyscraper located at 707 in Wilshire Boulevard downtown Los Angeles. Completed in 1973, it is 858 feet high, and has 62 floors. Designed by Charles Luckman, it is a rectangular black building with a white aluminum border, and a remarkably slender form for a skyscraper in a seismically-active area. The logo of the AON Corporation, its primary tenant, is at the top in red.


Protect Aluminum from fading, oxidation and corrosion with Everbrite Clear Protective Coating


AON Building Mock up

Test Area of Everbrite Coating on the clear anodized aluminum.

AON Building Cleaning Process

Cleaning of the clear anodized aluminum from the stage.


The US Bank Building in Las Vegas was restored with EVERBRITE.  Click here to see how it was done.

US Bank Building in Las Vegas refinished with Everbrite

The exterior of the San Diego Technical Center has been restored and protected with Everbrite Coating.

San Diego Technical Center

San Diego Tech

After picture of the wall of the San Diego Technical Center. Note how the curtain wall is shiny enough to reflect.

MGM Grand refinished with Everbrite

MGM Grand Curtain wall in Las Vegas. Corner panel has been refinished with Everbrite Protective Coating.

South Coast Plaza refinished with Everbrite

Picture of South Coast Plaza Building with top right panels refinished with Everbrite. The very light rectangle is where the previous sign was removed. Everbrite made the top match once more and restored the color and finish.

Black Anodized Aluminum after Everbrite

Picture of black anodized aluminum panels after refinishing with Everbrite.

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