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DIRECTIONS for Removal of Heavy Oxidation or Marks from Metal .


If chalky oxidation is difficult to remove, a "No Scratch" Cleanser like BonAmi  will make the job easier and will not scratch the paint.

Another option is to use "Synthetic Steel Wool" made by 3M. These are pads similar to Scotchbrite pads but seem to work better. *******DO NOT use regular steel wool because it will leave small pieces of steel that will rust.

A powdered cleaner like BonAmi is great for removing marks and stains. A final wash with a mild soapy solution is necessary to remove the soap residue or other remaining contaminates to provide a totally clean surface so the coating will adhere. Power-Prep can also be used to remove road grime, salt corrosion, rust stains and much more. Corroded metal like stainless steel can be cleaned up prior to coating with ProtectaClear in order to prevent further corrosion.


Power-Prep can be used as a paste to remove marks and grime from a surface or it can be added to the wash water with EZ Prep to help clean heavily oxidized chalk from metal doors and buildings.


Add approximately 1 cup of Power-Prep into bucket of EZ-Prep and water. Agitate with brush to get the cleanser off the bottom of the pail and onto the brush. Agitate the solution each time the brush is dipped. If necessary, additional Power-Prep can be added to the wash water. When changing the water, the Power-Prep which has settled to the bottom of the bucket can be retained for the next pail of cleaning solution.


The goal in detailing the metal doors or buildings before coating them with Everbrite Protective Coating is to remove not only the oxidation but also any disfiguring marks and stains so your property will look it's best.

Felt Mark on Metal Door

Once the rollup doors or metal buildings are washed with the EZ-Prep solution, there may still be some marks that were not removed. Many times, these marks are made by the felt that the doors roll up on. There is an easy way to remove these marks.

  1. Make a paste by mixing Power-Prep Cleanser with a small amount of water. Power-Prep is not gritty and will not scratch your paint.
  2. Use a sponge or cloth to clean the marks off. Dip the wet sponge or cloth into the Power-Prep paste and rub on the mark. Start gently, increasing the pressure as necessary to remove the marks. (See image below)
  3. Rinse thoroughly and follow by washing the entire door with a EZ-Prep solution to remove contaminants before applying Everbrite Coating. This will remove soap residue and insure that the metal is clean. When rinsing the metal, make sure the water sheets off and there are no bubbles or areas where the water beads up. If there are, rewash the door with the EZ-Prep solution. Rinse thoroughly.

Door mark clean

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