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Read and follow complete directions in the Technical Specifications and the M.S.D.S.

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Click here for illustrated Directions for Copper, Brass, Polished Aluminum, Stainless Steel and other Non-Painted Metals


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IF THE SURFACE IS CLEANED WITH AN ACID CLEANER, THE SURFACE MUST BE NEUTRALIZED BEFORE APPLYING THE COATING. Use a solution of water and EZ Prep or calcium carbonate or a baking soda wash to neutralize the acid. Water rinsing will not remove all of the acid. The acid will react with the solvent and will create problems.
********How to tell if the surface is clean enough to coat: Painted surfaces: make sure water sheets off and does NOT bead up on surface. Surface must be cleaned completely and rinsed with EZ-Prep solution. **On brass, copper, or other unpainted metal, use xylene, denatured alcohol or equivalent to remove any contaminants prior to coating.
The key to proper application is getting the surface completely clean. Buff or polish copper, brass, silver and other non-painted metals with metal cleaner. After polishing the metal to the desired finish, remove all contaminants then simply wipe on the clear, self leveling EVERBRITE or ProtectaClear Coating. Objects can also be dipped or sprayed with EVERBRITE Coatings. The key to proper application is getting the surface completely clean. After polishing, wipe with solvent like xylene to remove any body acid or oil then with denatured alcohol to make sure all contaminants are removed. Do NOT use isopropyl alcohol. If the surface is cleaned with an acid cleaner, the surface MUST be neutralized with EZ Prep Cleaner & Neutralizer before applying EVERBRITE Coatings.


EVERBRITE Coatings are high quality, very forgiving coatings that is easy to work with. Can be reapplied or touched up without stripping. If you make a mistake, it is easy to fix it.

Materials needed:

EVERBRITE Protective Coating or ProtectaClear Coating. /howtochoose.htm">Click Here to see the differences and uses for each Coating.

Clear Coat Applicator, SpongeBrush or Clean dry lint free white cloth approximately 1-2 foot square. Part of an old T-shirt works well. Make sure that it is white so the color of the shirt does not go onto the surface being coated.

Application pan. A Metal paint pan or the throwaway aluminum cake pans work well. Do NOT use a plastic pan.

Nitrile or chemical protective gloves to protect your hands.

For application on larger areas, spraying the Coating is much easier than wiping it on. **NEW You can now use an affordable, easy to use HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) sprayer for easier application for under $150.00.

1. Put tarp down if working on slurry or blacktop to protect it from the coating.

2. Pour about 1/3 of pint of EVERBRITE into clean, dry, METAL paint pan on the tarp. DO NOT DILUTE EVERBRITE Coatings.

3. If using cloth, fold it into a pad approximately 3 to 4 inches square. Make sure it is clean, white, cloth without lint.

4. Dip the applicator into the Coating in the application pan. Gently squeeze out excess. Applicator should not be dripping. If applying on vertical surface, keep an eye out for drips or sags. If you get drips or runs on the surface, simply wipe them out with your applicator.

**If the surface looks streaky, your applicator is probably not wet enough or unevenly wet. This allows the dry and wet parts of the applicator to apply EVERBRITE Coatings with different thicknesses. The solution is to dip the applicator completely in the Coating and gently squeeze out the excess. Re-dip when needed.

5. Wipe theCoating on the surface in smooth, even strokes. Do NOT press hard, just apply slight, even pressure. Pad should glide smoothly, when it starts sticking, dip applicator pad in the Coating again and gently wring out. All you need is a thin, even coat. Most surfaces will benefit from several coats. EVERBRITE Coatings will cover approximately 1000 square feet per gallon at 0.5 mil thick wet film thickness.

6. Any missed areas or thin areas can be rewiped after 1st coat is dry to touch. (approximately 10 - 20 minutes). ON RAW STEEL, 3 TO 4 COATS ARE NECESSARY TO PREVENT RUST.

That's it. NO rubbing, NO buffing, Let dry & enjoy the beautiful, new looking, easy to maintain surface. Dirt, dust will not penetrate into the new finish and will be much easier to keep clean.

If scratched, simply clean area and touch up - EVERBRITE Coatings will blend to themselves.

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