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Has Your Building Lost It's Luster?

EVERBRITE Protective Coating is used to restore and protect building exteriors, anodized aluminum, window frames, curtain wall, elevators, stainless steel, bronze, brass, etc. The US Bank Building in Las Vegas was restored with EVERBRITE by Enzi's All American Window Washing.

US Bank Building

The areas that appear lighter are window frames that have not had Everbrite Protective Coating applied to them yet.

First, the window extrusions were washed with EZPrep Cleaner & rinsed well with deionized water.

Washing the Windows of the Building

Then, the anodized aluminum window frames were wiped with denatured alcohol and then Everbrite was rolled on with a high density foam roller.

US Bank Building

The lighter extrusions have not been coated yet.

US Bank Building

Thanks to Enzi's All American Window Washing in Las Vegas for the pictures.

Anodized aluminum window frames that have damage from stucco or mortar can be refinished to look new again with Everbrite. Don't tear out thousands of dollars worth of anodized aluminum - refinish it.

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