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Opportunities with Everbrite Coatings.

Thank you for your interest in opportunities with EVERBRITE Coatings. EVERBRITE and ProtectaClear are proven product with many applications. There is a HUGE need for restoration and protection of metal. There are millions of square feet of oxidized metal buildings, signs, metal roofs, mobile homes, rollup doors, shopping centers, garage doors, curtain wall, window extrusions, aluminum siding etc. that need refinishing. EVERBRITE will not only restore the original color and finish to faded and dull metal but will protect the surface from U.V., salt corrosion, acid rain, rust and other damaging elements.

There are two ways to earn money with EVERBRITE. Affiliates earn commissions by referring customers to Everbrite. Contractors can earn by application of Everbrite to restore and protect for their customers.


  • Faded aluminum, steel or metal siding?
  • Copper gutters or roofs they want shiny?
  • Metal art they want to keep looking new?
  • Home Improvement projects?
  • Faded Self Storage Doors?
  • Faded Metal Buildings?
  • Stainless steel that they want to protect from fingerprints and smudges?


  • Home Improvement Customers?
  • Mobile Home Owners?
  • Self Storage?
  • Metal Artists?
  • Building Maintenance Companies?
  • Metal Building Companies?
  • Outdoors Kitchens or Stainless Steel Grill Owners?
  • Marine Supply?

AFFILIATES: Simply add a banner or other ad to your website. Your customers will be tracked and anything they buy for a FULL year earns you a commission. Because there are so many uses for Everbrite Coatings, we will be happy to customize a landing page and banners for your business.

  • Everbrite, Inc. takes the order.
  • Everbrite, Inc. ships the products.
  • Everbrite, Inc. answers all customer questions and takes care of customer service.
  • Everbrite, Inc. does follow-up with customers. You continue to earn commissions for all sales made for a year.
  • FREE program, no cost to join and no fees.
  • Use ads we already have or We will make custom banner ads for your site and if you want, we will make a custom landing page for your customers.
  • Commissions paid monthly. No minimum. Paid by PayPal or Check.


CONTRACTORS: Contractors can earn by application of EVERBRITE to metal buildings, self storage doors, signs, art, and more. Everbrite, Inc. will refer leads from National Advertising and Trade Shows to companies who have been trained in the proper techniques of restoring faded metal using the EVERBRITE Restoration System.

To learn more about this value-added, profitable opportunity working with EVERBRITE, please send us company information, history and areas of interest.

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