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  • Shannon Grimes

All About CrobialCoat & Why You Need to KISS

💋KISS💋…Keeping It Super Simple! Ok, we know what the phrase really is but

My KISS is better. Keeping it Super Simple for me means doing things the right way without overthinking or over complicating the situation. 🤔 That’s it. It does not mean to be a slacker or cut corners. In fact, by Keeping It Super Simple, you will save time and money, and CrobialCoat® can help! How can a protective coating save time AND money? Let me show you the way…

A Brief History of CrobialCoat

When ‘everything changed’ in 2020 companies like Everbrite, Inc. had a whole new reason for offering a product that is made to protect, not necessarily metal, but surfaces in general. What if we had a coating that inhibited germs and bacteria? In our case, being a

manufacturer of metal coatings, it made sense to offer a substrate coating with antimicrobial properties. Will it still protect your jewelry, your stainless steel refrigerator and your copper sink like ProtectaClear® does?? YES! But if you are simply looking for a product that will help prevent, reduce and inhibit bacteria and germs, CrobialCoat is still the product to choose. By using one coat of CrobialCoat® you can 💋KISS💋 those worries Goodbye! Simple, right? 😉

How is it Different From ProtectaClear?

ProtectaClear® is amazing for protecting metal from corrosion, oxidation, tarnish and rust. I could talk about it all day, the list of uses is endless. BUT when you add in Microban® Technology and create CrobialCoat®, you have a coating for fighting and reducing germs and bacteria. If you are not in the mindset to coat and protect metal or hard plastics from smudges and scratches with 2-3 coats of ProtectaClear®, at least use one layer of CrobialCoat® to provide a broad spectrum of protection for your family. However! If you do want to prevent smudges and scratches and take advantage of the other benefits that 2-3 coats will provide, we can definitely help you with that as well! It’s all about options, saving time and 💋KISS💋!

But Where Would I Put It?

If your intention is to use it just as a barrier for germs, bacteria, mold and mildew, the possibilities are close to endless! Let’s start with the basics: light switches, appliances, door knobs, stair railing, bathroom hardware, counters, sinks, garbage cans. Let’s assume you ONLY coat these things. Consider the amount of times you touch any of these in a day? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? And that’s each one, times the number of people in your home (or office!). That is a lot of opportunity to either spread more germs and bacteria OR fight them! 🥊

But I Need More Information!

No worries! I have a list of reasons why you need CrobialCoat® in your life!

  • Keep surfaces cleaner 24/7 - continuously working to fight the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Will not wash off!

  • Works continuously over a year vs disinfectant sprays / wipes that disappear quickly and cost a small fortune💸!

  • Less $$ spent on harsh chemicals and cleaning products. (Saving 💰 again!)

  • CrobialCoat® is food safe and can be used in the kitchen to keep countertops, sinks, garbage cans, etc cleaner!

  • CrobialCoat® will actively clean your surfaces while you sleep!

(Now there’s a HUGE time saver ⏳!!)

  • Protects Your Family! Really, is there anything more important?

Are you ready to check out CrobialCoat® for yourself? Call us today @ 916-852-0200 or visit And as always, our Customer Service / Technical Support Team is available to help Monday - Friday from 7:30AM to 5PM.

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