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The Advantages of Everbrite, Products | A Guide to Everbrite’s Coatings and the Perfect One for You!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to blog post #2 of Everbrite Ideas! I’m excited to be able to post information, advice, tips and tricks about Everbrite, Inc. and our three specialized coatings; Everbrite Coating, ProtectaClear and CrobialCoat. Our unique coatings are specific to your project, so don’t be surprised when we ask what you are working on and get super nosy! It's very important to us to make sure you get the right coating for the job! That being said, I thought

it would also be a great time to highlight the Everbrite Advantages, so you, as the consumer, know why our coatings are unique and how they can make your world a more beautiful place, one metal at a time!

The Everbrite Advantage

Everbrite, Inc. offers the most sustainable range of clear coatings for UV light and corrosion protection and restoration of painted, powder-coated, anodized and bare metals, wood, silver, stainless steel, and hard plastic. Everbrite Coatings are distinctive; they are self-annealing and self-leveling. Our coatings perform differently to traditional clear coatings and sealants which require ongoing maintenance. Maintenance coats are applied directly onto the previously coated surface and self-anneals. In most cases, you will simply WASH, DRY & REAPPLY! There are times when a new coat is necessary (due to normal wear or not being ‘maintained’). If you are unsure, please contact us! We can help you with any project, from start to beautifully finished!

Our coatings serve some very specific needs. Each coating has benefits, and I am going to let you know all about them! There are so many! Easy to apply, self-leveling, flexible, economical, UV protection are all great qualities and each one needs to be expanded on. There really is a ton to say and share and I am going to do all of that! But I want to start from the beginning….

Making the World a More Beautiful Place, One Metal at a Time….

Founded in 1990 by Teresa & Steve Sedmak, Everbrite, Inc. has been the leader in restorative and protective coatings for metals and other hard surfaces. They have never been afraid of hard work, it is not uncommon to see Teresa at the top of a 40-foot ladder checking tarnish on a copper dome. Steve & Teresa are truly one of a kind, just like their products!

The company manufactures and distributes Everbrite Coating, ProtectaClear, and CrobialCoat, along with cleaners, polishes and accessories needed for the best metal restoration and protection possible. We offer Contractor Training to ensure that anyone representing Everbrite, Inc. is knowledgeable and well trained on the proper method of preparation and application of our coatings. Many painters and contractors have been able to add to their stream of income by offering our coatings as an option to painting or replacing metals that have rusted, tarnished, or have oxidized and need restored.

Working with a company with such an impressive background has made me WANT to learn about our products and be able to give the best advice possible when it comes to coatings. I look forward to coming to work and I enjoy everything about it! The Sedmaks have great pride in their business and I am proud to work for them!

If you have any questions about Everbrite Coatings, please leave a comment or call us!

Next, on Everbrite Ideas…How to Clean Silver and Keep it Looking Like New!

(Don’t miss this if you have old tarnished silver from Great Grandma Lydia)

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