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You Can Have Clean Sinks AND Fight Bacteria at the Same Time!

The Good, The Bad and The Solution!

The past several years have been an eye opener to where germs and bacteria can hide and what they can do! Its one thing to help fight build up and keep them at bay but you need to keep the sinks LOOKING clean as well! With CrobialCoat, you will have both! It is the only coating to offer protection, cleanliness AND is user friendly, easy to apply and lasts for years!

Did you ever think you would have to quarantine? Wear a mask? Social distance? No hugs? No parties, company, or holiday gatherings? We did spend a lot of time cleaning, and what I noticed is, the sinks and faucets look dirty right after the first use. We also got our eyes opened to the fact that germs and bacteria are everywhere and if you don’t do something to protect yourself and your family, you can get very sick. What can you do to help eliminate germs AND have a clean sink? Add a microscopic layer of protection with CrobialCoat!

CrobialCoat is the newest clear coat offered by Everbrite Coatings. CrobialCoat is durable and provides long lasting protection on hard surfaces from bacteria, germs, corrosion, rust, tarnish, fingerprints, water spots and more. CrobialCoat offers built-in antimicrobial technology specifically for metals and other hard substrates. CrobialCoat can be used both in your home and business and is ideal for high touch areas where cleanliness is important, like schools, hospitals, event venues or restrooms. Honestly, it is one of the most unique products because it has so many uses and is so easy to use!

What Does This Mean for You?

From a consumer standpoint, it means you have access to a simple to use, no mix, easy to maintain finish that will last for years and make life safer and easier. When you order, we ask what project you are working on, this is our way of making sure you will receive the amount of coating that fits your needs. We will send you an applicator pad and written instructions. But wait! There’s more!! (I have always wanted to say that!) If you have any questions or concerns all, call us! We are available Monday-Friday from 7:30AM to 5PM, PST. We are a small operation and pride ourselves in picking up the phone within 3 rings (most the time before the first ring even ends!), NO voicemail during business hours and NO phone maze to get to a human! We are here to help; we have The BEST Customer Service and Technical Support to ensure that an Everbrite Coating works exactly as you expect it to.

We can be reached by LIVE CHAT from our website, by email at or by calling us directly at 916-852-0200, during business hours. Our website has been designed to help you pick your coating, the amount of coating needed and plenty of tips, tricks & ideas are coming soon to our blog. When you order from our site, your order will be processed and shipped the same day (orders received by 1PM, PST, Monday-Friday).

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