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Aluminum Siding

Is your metal siding siding dull, chalky or faded?

If you want your aluminum or steel siding to have the beautiful luster and rich color like new siding, Everbrite will restore your siding to look new again.

Here are more pictures of aluminum and mobile home siding. Click here to find out how you can easily refinish your dull and faded siding.

The following Before and After pictures show what a difference Everbrite can make on faded or chalky siding.

In the picture below to the left, the siding was so faded and chalky, you could not even see that there are 2 different colors of brown. In the after picture on the right, the browns are rich and vibrant.

Chalky and Faded Aluminum Siding Aluminum Siding restored with Everbrite

In the pictures below, in the before picture on the left, you can see where the trees rubbed the chalk off. In the after picture on the right, you can see the reflection of the trees in the siding. If you don't want gloss, we do have satin Everbrite available.

Faded Aluminum Siding Color and Luster restored on aluminum siding with Everbrite

Faded Green Aluminum Siding Green Aluminum Siding restored with Everbrite

How Do I Know if My Siding is Too Damaged to Restore?

Repainted metal siding can bubble and peel due to moisture penetrating between the layers of paint. Everbrite cannot restore paint that is not there. Once the paint is gone, it is too late, then the siding must be painted. These problems can be avoided by protecting your paint before it is too late.

Repainted siding peelingSiding with Paint worn down to the metal.Bare metal showing through the paint. This siding should be repainted.

Everbrite is a clear protective coating with sunscreens and anti-oxidants that will seal and protect your siding. The process is easy and you can do it yourself. The siding needs to be washed and rinsed, then Everbrite can be wiped on with a clear coat applicator or a paint pad or it can be rolled on with a high-density foam roller.

Refinish your faded siding to look new again. Protect it from the weather and make it very easy to maintain and keep clean.


What Do I Need to Restore my Siding?

Everbrite Trial Kit

Everbrite Trial Kit. Clean & Restore about 25-30 SF.

Everbrite Starter Kit. Clean & Restore about 125 Square Feet of painted metal.

Everbrite Kit to restore 1000 sf of painted metal.

Everbrite 1000 SF Kit Includes Building Cleaning Brush, Prep Pads & Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, EZ-Prep and Everbrite Protective Coating.


"We are so extremely happy with the way our house turned out with your product. We have had people ask us if we put new siding on our house. It is so amazing. We are also so happy that we didn't have to paint. Everbrite was just as easy to apply as you said it would be and you people were so helpful. We are truly glad we found your web site and ordered your product. You may use us for references anytime." The Wiedmers, North Dakota

"The steel siding that I had installed on my house in 1984 was guaranteed against everything except fading, the fading part it did quite well. I tried for several years to find something that would work to clean it with, but nothing ever seemed to work. I was searching the internet one day and came upon your site. I ordered the starter kit to see if it would work, I was so impressed with your product I ordered two more quarts of the Everbrite to finish up the south and east side of my house. Your product saved me from either have to replace all the siding or paint it, neither one of those options appealed very much to me. Thanks for a great product." J. Hanna

"Hi- just want you to know that the Everbrite product I ordered arrived here promptly. I am very happy with the results.My (bright yellow) aluminum siding shines like new. Very noticeable where I couldn't quite reach to apply it. (Gable ends of the house.) But that's quite alright. I should tell you that I am a 78 year old grandma, and had absolutely no problems rejuvenating the look of my house. Thank you."marty wasker

Everbrite is a product that not only is user friendly but also beautiful when complete. The cleaning concentrate does clean the oxidation and mildew. Following the easy directions, it did a great job. I chose to use a white lint free cloth for application and was amazed at how easy the Everbrite can be applied. Our aluminum siding again looks as it should. Thank you for a wonderful protective finish. Sincerely, Jim & Leah Kegey

I finally got to try Everbrite last night after work. I cleaned it all off, dried it and got my sample can of Everbrite. There didn't seem to be a way into that little sucker. I finally found a church key (I used to have them all around but that just shows how old I am) and popped a hole in the top. I grabbed an old sock (since I was just doing a small area) and slathered the stuff on per the directions. I cleaned up and put stuff away and grabbed my glass of wine and plopped myself into my lawn chair to wait for it to dry.
It was a bit humid so I figured it was just taking it's own sweet time but by the time I finished the wine and went up to it I was amazed to find that it WAS dry! What a hoot!It looks like I put on new siding! Now I have to get to work figuring out how much I will need to do the house. Thanks again!Jim Hilbert

"Our mobile home is 24 years old and was really looking bad. We thought we would have to paint it. We saw an ad for Everbrite so we decided to call for a sample to try. It worked so well and was so easy to put on. So we bought enough to do the whole coach. It is so easy to put on. I had heart by pass surgery a year ago at age 69. No trouble at all.If I can do it, anyone can. People are always stopping by to say how nice it looks. Thank you." Clifford & Dalis Henderson

"I'm so excited about this product of yours called "EVERBRITE". I knew my home needed to be painted or something if I was to maintain the outside aluminum siding. A gentleman came to explain this to me and proved to me that the color in my brown siding could be saved. Well, I realized that this was the most cost effective for me, they came out and finished my home with Everbrite. All of my neighbors have been over to touch and ask, "What is that wonderful finish?" It looks like a new home again. I am so excited that I had to write to you and tell you just how thrilled I am. It is wonderful. I can not thank you enough. Sincerely, Darlene G."

I helped a friend restore the metal on her mobile home and it is just astonishing what the results are: a return to the home's rich color of years ago. I would recommend it highly."M Maher

"1/19/01 I just wanted to let you know that I tried Everbrite on a small area on my house and the siding looks like brand new! I am so happy that I found a product that is going to fix my problem! Now I don't have to have the house painted and I am going to save thousands of dollars! As soon as I know how much I need, I will place an order. Thank you for all of your help!"
And just a few days later: "I just wanted to let you know that I got a contract on my house yesterday. I got a call this morning that the inspector was coming tomorrow morning. I was able to recruit my next door neighbor's boyfriend and he helped me get the whole back side of the house done today with Everbrite. I have to tell you that the siding looks just BEAUTIFUL. I am amazed how well it works! I still have to do one more side of the house and hopefully it will be done by Wednesday. The guy who helped me owns his own construction and painting company and he was totally AMAZED on how well it worked!! Thanks again for a FANTASTIC product and all the help you have given me! Regards,"Jeannie Warczynski"

I bought your Everbrite product and used it on my Travel Trailer.. it looks fabulous and was so easy to use. I am totally happy with the results. I loved the Everbrite. My place looks brand new. It is so nice to buy something that lives up to it's name. Yours does. Thank you, Bryan Allport

Thanks, my mobilehome looks great

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