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How Do I Know if My Siding is Too Far Gone and cannot be restored with Everbrite?

Repainted metal siding can bubble and peel due to moisture penetrating between the layers of paint. Everbrite cannot restore paint that is not there. Once the paint is gone, it is too late, then the siding must be painted. These problems can be avoided by protecting your paint with Everbrite.

Repainted siding peeling Siding with Paint worn off must be painted first. Siding with paint worn down to bare metal.

Everbrite cannot restore paint that is too far gone. If the paint on your siding is peeling or the aluminum shows through like the pictures above, then the siding must be repainted.

If your siding is just chalky and faded or only a tiny bit of aluminum is showing through at the edges or on a scrape, Everbrite can still restore your siding.

How to Repaint your Metal Siding if the paint is peeling or if the bare metal shows.

In order to repaint and have the paint properly adhere to your siding, the siding must be cleaned and the chalk must be removed. If you paint over chalk, the paint will peel. Once the siding is clean, use paint that is especially made for metal. There are DTM (Direct to Metal) paints available.

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