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Do you want to Protect Your Beautiful Copper, Brass or Stainless Steel Sinks from stains, tarnish and fading?

Protect Shiny Sinks and Sinks with Patina.
Copper sink coated with ProtectaClear

Copper or brass sinks are gorgeous but can be frustrating to keep up. Stainless steel can also discolor and spot. Water spots can be a real problem and take away from the beauty of the metal. Polishing every time you use the sink is not a good option.

Sinks with patinas look great but any acid will spot the dark copper and create bright spots that don't blend in. You can protect the patina on your sink with ProtectaClear.

ProtectaClear is a clear, tough, protective coating that is easy to apply but is tough enough to protect copper, stainless steel and brass sinks. Dries quickly, leaving your copper or brass looking just polished and new. ProtectaClear will seal sinks with patina to protect the beautiful color of your sink.

Stop tarnish and oxidation and Enjoy the Beauty.

Protect Copper Sinks from tarnish and waterspots.

Both ProtectaClear and Everbrite will seal and will protect copper and brass as well as many other metals. Copper kitchen sinks can be a real challenge. ProtectaClear will seal and protect copper from fingerprints, water stains, and tarnish. ProtectaClear is tough and durable, food safe once cured and will protect the metal from spots and discoloration.

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ProtectaClear will seal your sinks Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear

ProtectaClear with Polish Kits

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Heavy Tarnish or Patina Removal?

HD Gel Copper Cleaner

How to Clean & Seal Copper or Brass Sinks

ProtectaClear will seal and protect sinks from tarnish, protect patinas and will keep copper sinks easy to clean. This video shows how to clean and protect sinks with ProtectaClear. The Copper Cleaning Gel is optional and will remove tough tarnish.

  1. Clean and Polish the sink to the desired finish. If the sink has a dark patina, just wash the sink, do not polish or you may lose the patina.
  2. For heavy tarnish or to remove old patina, use HD Copper Cleaning Gel. The Gel will stick to the sides of a sink to allow it to work, even on vertical surfaces.
  3. If a polish containing acid (Brasso, Wrights, Mothers, etc.) is used, the metal must be neutralized. The solvents in the coating will react with the acid and darken the metal. EZ-Prep Neutralizer or baking soda and water can be used to neutralize the metal. (Solvent wiping does not neutralize - this is a separate step.)
  4. If Maas or other non-acid based polish is used, use EZ-Prep or a couple of drops of mild dish soap to wash off any residue.
  5. Rinse with plain water. Dry with soft cloth.
  6. It is a good idea to dry the sink further with a hair dryer. Water can remain near the drain area or in crevices and interfere with proper adhesion.
  7. Wipe the metal with a clean solvent like xylene or denatured alcohol.(These solvents are NOT included in the kit, they cannot be shipped. Xylene or Denatured Alcohol can be found at hardware stores.)
  8. Apply 2-4 coats of ProtectaClear with at least an hour between coats, making sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the next coat. Do NOT apply pressure while applying ProtectaClear. Just glide it on with no pressure. Otherwise, the coating will be too thin and will not protect the sink.Three coats are recommended for the bottom of the sink or on sinks that get a lot of use, like kitchen sinks.
  9. ProtectaClear will blend to itself. When applying the second coat, glide the coating on quickly and don't wipe hard or keep messing with it. This can disturb the first coat.
  10. If you make a mistake, ProtectaClear can be removed with xylene.
  11. ProtectaClear is delicate until it is completely cured. Let the coating cure before leaving water sitting on the coating. Do not pour boiling water over the coating.

ProtectaClear will continue to harden as it cures. Under normal circumstances, with normal temperature and humidity, the coating will be completely cured in 4 to 5 days. The cure time can be sped up with the use of heaters or fans.

Complete instructions come with every order. An applicator pad and a pair of disposable nitrile gloves are also included.

Please let us know if you have questions. We are happy to help.

More Customer Comments

Well, we can't thank you enough for your great product. For a long time, we had been trying to figure out what to put on our brass sink so it wouldn't tarnish every time water hits it. We came across your website, and decided to try ProtectaClear.

First of all, your instructions are super easy to follow, and your product is fabulous! Our brass sink is just beautiful and yes, it is staying that way. It is so easy to clean, I just use soap and water. It is hard to believe that the solution to our big problem was so simple. We have told everyone we know about your great product. We thank you so much.Priscilla L. Buda, Texas

I put three coats of ProtectaClear on our brass sink, waiting an hour between coats. I waited five days before I ran water in the sinks. We have three of them. It works great! A fantastic product! Thanks very much. Jim C. Polo, Illinois

After using ProtectaClear, we are thrilled with the outstanding results. The ProtectaClear did exactly what you claimed- it protected our brass sink from water stains. We were about to replace this $800 sink because the maintenance was so tedious but your product saved us the cost and problem of doing that. We had tried everything, nothing worked. Now the decorative sink in our powder room sparkles and is virtually maintenance free. I do not have to rush in to polish it each time a guest uses it. Thank you for your fantastic customer service and a truly reliable product. Barbara and Leigh B.

For small Bath or Bar sinks, a 4 oz. can of ProtectaClear will be enough coating. Purchase with or without Maas Polish. You will not need the polish for sinks with patina.

ProtectaClear 4 oz. can will seal and protect small sinks.
Small can of ProtectaClear with Maas Polish. Use on polished sinks.

For Kitchen or Multiple Sinks, you will need a Pint of ProtectaClear. Purchase with or without Maas Polish. You will not need the polish for sinks with patina.

Choose a Pint of ProtectaClear for Kitchen Sinks or Multiple sinks. Two coats are recommended for the sink and 3 coats on the bottom surfaces.

What do I need to Restore & Protect my Sinks?

ProtectaClear will seal and protect your sinks. Two coats are recommended on all sinks and 3-4 coats on kitchen sinks because of the heavy use they get.

For Kitchen sinks or multiple sinks, you will need a Pint of ProtectaClear. You can buy it by itself or with polish.

Choose a Pint of ProtectaClear for Kitchen Sinks or Multiple sinks. Two coats are recommended for the sink and 3 coats on the bottom surfaces.

For small sinks like bathroom sinks, a 4 oz. can of ProtectaClear is available with or without polish.

ProtectaClear 4 oz Kit with Maas Polish Includes ProtectaClear and Maas Polish, Applicator Pad and Nitrile Gloves.
ProtectaClear Kit plus Polish

ProtectaClear Pint Kit with Maas Polish includes ProtectaClear Pint, Maas Polish, Polishing cloth, an applicator pad and gloves.

New Sink? Sink with Patina? Need just the ProtectaClear? Available in various size cans.

What our Customers have to say...

"Here are the results of my sink restoration.It turned out great! Thanks for a great productand all of the guidance!" M. Crooks (top picture)

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in solving my copper sink problem. We have hard water in our area and as soon as we started using the sink, the water left permanent stains, removable only with copper cleaner. So we basically had a beautiful sink that was great to look at, but we couldn't get it wet! I researched and tried a host of different waxes to no avail. I even wrote to the big guys, Krylon and Rustoleum but they had no real solution.The ProtectaClear product really works and the customer service was superior. I felt like you guys were in the gallery cheering me on. Thanks for all your help. Feel free to post this letter on your web site- I bet there are bunch of people out there with the same problem." Paul Coller

""Everything worked great! The product did exactly what you said it would do and the sink has been blemish free for two weeks now. Definitely a record. Definitely did the trick. Thanks to you all at Everbrite." Larry Foran

And 4 months later:"Excellent, just a quick wipe with windex once a week and we are good to go. Basically an unusable sink has now become a thing of beauty. Thanks "Larry Foran

Questions? We are happy to help.