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Protect Architectural Stainless Steel
from Corrosion, Rust & Tea-Staining.

Unfortunately, Stainless Steel is Stain"Less" - Not Stain"Free".

Stainless Steel Panels before restoration
Unity Building after being coated with ProtectaClear

Corroded stainless steel panels and the 316 stainless steel panels after they are restored and sealed with ProtectaClear.

It is a misconception that stainless steel is stainless.Stainless steel will degrade like all other architectural metals. The term "stainless" implies a resistance to staining, rusting and pitting. Stainless steel generally has a higher resistance to the effects of exposure but will still be affected by the elements.

Architectural stainless steel is subject to rust and corrosion, especially when exposed to salt air or moisture. The Stainless Steel Penthouses of the Unity Building in Liverpool, UK were completely restored and protected with ProtectaClear.

The Stainless Steel Penthouses of the Unity Building in Liverpool, UK
were completely restored and protected with ProtectaClear.

Unity Building, UK

The "Pod"(box on top) of this 27 story building is clad with 316 grade stainless steel panels.

The stainless steel cladding also extended to the over-sized soffits.

The building is situated on the bank of the river Mersey about a mile from the Irish Sea and is exposed to salt corrosion.

Stainless Steel that is already rusted and corroded can be restored and maintained indefinitely with ProtectaClear.

Architectural stainless steel is subject to rust and corrosion, especially when exposed to salt air or moisture.

Before and After Pictures of the Unity Building Restoration Project. Pictures courtesy of Bromoco, UK.
Corroded Stainless on Unity Building Rusty Stainless Steel Panel
Rusty Stainless Steel ProtectaClear Test Area
Rusty and Corroded Stainless Panels Above Test Area of ProtectaClear Restored Stainless
Stainless Steel being restored Stainless being restored with ProtectaClear
Stainless Panel being cleaned & Restored
Stainless being cleaned & Restored

Are these guys brave or crazy?

Below are beautifully restored, gleaming panels.

Abseilers working 27 stories up.

See the reflection in the panel below?

Stainless Steel Soffits sealed and protected with ProtectaClear Stainless steel panels restored with ProtectaClear. See the reflection?
Corroded and Rusty Stainless steel panels Stainless soffit after restoration
Stainless steel soffit panels rusty & corroded. Stainless steel after restoration with ProtectaClear

The Stainless Steel is restored and protected - Gleeming in the sun

The stainless steel cladding gleems in the sun and is fully restored and protected with ProtectaClear.

ProtectaClear is a tough, durable clear protective coating that protects stainless steel from corrosion, salt air pitting and provides excellent fingerprint and smudge prevention. Stainless steel surfaces protected with ProtectaClear will be much easier to keep clean and will never darken like it would with an oily protectant.

Protect both interior and exterior stainless steel with ProtectaClear.

USE ON Architectural metal, monuments, building exteriors, restaurant equipment, stainless steel refrigerators, Stainless Steel sinks, Stainless Steel Barbeques and much more.

ProtectaClear is easy to apply, self-leveling, it will blend to itself so touch-ups are easy.

Apply ProtectaClear on metal that is completely clean and dry. If the stainless steel is already corroded or rusty, clean the stainless steel first. Everbrite has a stainless steel cleaner that will safely remove staining, corrosion, tea-staining or rust. You could also use a no-scratch cleanser cleaning with the grain. Wash off the residue with EZ-Prep Cleaner let dry, wipe with a solvent like xylene or denatured alcohol (available in hardware stores) to remove any residue or fingerprints and then ProtectaClear can be sprayed on with Aerosol Cans, rolled on the surface with high-density foam rollers,wiped on with a clear-coat applicator or sprayed on with paint sprayers. Cleaning with no scratch cleanser or abrasives is not recommended for use on mirror finishes. If the stainless steel is not corroded, the cleanser step can be skipped. If there is oil, wax or silicone on the stainless, it must be removed prior to coating with ProtectaClear.

If you have new stainless or if you have already cleaned your stainless, order ProtectaClear Coating only. If you have rusted or corroded stainless steel, we have Kits available with Stainless cleaners, neutralizers, applicators and ProtectaClear.

Order ProtectaClear Coating Only           Order ProtectaClear Kits

Order ProtectaClear in Various Sizes. Also available in Aerosols               Order ProtectaClear with Stainless steel cleanaers

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