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Have Your Storage Doors Lost Their Luster? 

Let the Everbrite Restoration System "Bring your Doors Back to Life" and Protect them from the sun with strong sunscreen and anti-oxidants. 

Green Storage doors faded and restored with Everbrite 

Yes, the sun can fade and chalk painted metal. Fortunately, faded, dull, chalky painted doors and metal buildings can be restored to look new again. Everbrite will restore painted metal to the original color and luster and provides strong sunscreen protection for paint.

  Orange Doors Restored with Everbrite closeup

Faded, dull storage doors, metal buildings and signs are universal problems in the storage industry. Your customers like to rent from well maintained facilities. When a facility is well maintained, your customers feel safer and more comfortable renting from you.

Everbrite is a clear restoration coating that restores faded metal of any color. Everbrite is not a paint so there is NO masking or taping necessary. There is NO tricky or complicated mixing. Everbrite Coating is ready to apply.  Clean the metal completely and apply Everbrite to restore the color and luster.  You can restore your doors or metal buildings yourself.  See Complete Directions.

Everbrite is formulated to remain flexible and will not crack or peel like lacquers or automotive coatings. When a door is rolled up, the roll can be as small as 5 inches so any coating used on roll-up doors must remain flexible. Aluminum panels on a metal building will expand and contract with temperature changes. Any coating that does not remain flexible will crack and peel if used on roll-up doors or aluminum panels. Coatings made for short pieces of steel like automotive coatings are not flexible and should not be used for metal buildings or doors.

Everbrite newest video shows close-ups of exactly how to clean and restore the finish of chalky metal storage doors.  This process can be used on all painted metal surfaces. 

Here is a video that shows the Everbrite Restoration Process. The light colored splotches are touch-up paint that has faded and the Everbrite Process makes these doors look new again.

Before and After green rollup doors.

"I have completed the application of Everbrite at three facilities.Your product is amazing. I do believe that I will be pursuing more projects with this wonderful product. The owners were "THRILLED" and amazed at the results. Thank you so much for your knowledge, advice and time."  Jeff Wilder

Everbrite can be maintained indefinitely. When you first restore your facility, the "new" finish will last from 5 to 10 years depending on the location and amount of sun or salt air. After this time, the Everbrite can be refreshed and maintained indefinitely.

Your facility will look great and your customers will see a well maintained property and won't have to get chalk and dirt on their clothes. Increase the property value while increasing your customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Red Doors oxidized and restored with Everbrite Closeup


Well maintained, clean facilities attract customers. If just one long-term customer goes to the new facility that's moving in down the street, you can lose thousands of dollars.
  • RESTORATION - EVERBRITE will restore your old, faded, dull, chalky doors and metal buildings to look new again and will restore the original color and luster.
  • PROTECTION - Everbrite's strong sunscreens and anti-oxidants protect metal from corrosion, oxidation, acid rain, moisture, rust, chalking, salt corrosion, graffiti and more.
  • ECONOMICAL - Material Cost for Coating and Cleaners under $15 per large roll up door and about $7 for small doors.
  • LONG LASTING - The original restoration will look great for 5 to 10 years and Everbrite can be refreshed and maintained indefinitely.
  • FLEXIBLE - Everbrite will expand and contract with metal so it will flex with your roll-up doors - NO peeling - NO chipping - NO cracking - WILL NOT discolor or yellow with age.
  • FREE ESTIMATES For Material Only or for Professional Application.

Teal storage doors faded and restored with Everbrite closeup

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Just need to clean your doors? Here is the Best Way

Just have some faded splotches on your doors?

What Do I need to Restore my Doors? 

2 Door Kit

Everbrite Starter Kit with Brush
Starter Kit - Clean & Restore
2 Large Doors

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5 Free Prep Pads. 

15-20 Door Kit

Gallon Kit - Clean & Restore
15-20 Doors

Special Offer:
Buy by 7/31/17 and get
10 Free Prep Pads. 

75-100 Door Kit

5 Gallon Kit - Clean & Restore
75-100 Doors

Special Offer:
Buy by 7/31/17 and get
15 Free Prep Pads. 

We will be happy to customize a kit especially for your needs.  Just call us at 916-852-0200 M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time

How to have your Restoration Job pay for Itself!

Facility Owners tell us that they can have their customers pay for the restoration of their facility.  Customers really appreciate a well-maintained property. After you restore your doors or metal buildings, if you raise your rent by just $4 per month on each unit, you will have paid for the Everbrite material and labor in a year to 18 months.  After that time, you do not lower your rent back down so you have established a new baseline of rent for your customers. 

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