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I have my Goldwing wheels coated with ProtectaClear. I got home today with about 5,400 miles of road grime on them all the way from the mountains to the coast and back. I never cleaned them once the whole trip. I wondered just how hard they would be to clean. It took me about 45 seconds to wipe the front wheel totally clean with nothing more than a soapy sponge. Worked like a charm. ~Fred Harmen

ProtectaClear is very easy to apply. I did mine with a small foam brush. I was concerned about the bubbles and brush marks when I applied it but it dried completely smooth and free of bubbles, etc. My rim now looks like brand new again and I couldn't be happier with the results!~Phil

My project turned out good! I have put
about 50 miles on the motorcycle since I applied ProtectaClear over the polished aluminum side covers. So far so good! ~Brian Schumacker

I think the brushed steel tank and fender turned out well. It gets a lot of stares and comments! Thanks! ~Kenny

I really didn't think my front wheels were salvageable but decided to give your product a try. I was really surprised at the results. The wheelslooked like new again. The Wheel Restore is amazing. Thanks for distributing a product that really works! I'm absolutely sure I will be buying some more of this and some of your other products as well. ~Floyd

The directions were very good and I am happy with the end result. There were some minor scratches on a couple of the wheels that disappeared after I applied your product.~Brock

Following the directions was easy and once finished I was very pleased. In fact, after driving my Impala around all last week the wheels looked pretty dusty and had some road dirt on them. I washed and cleaned them with soap and water--they look just like I had spent a couple of hours hand polishing them. I am so happy with these resultsthat I'm definitely going to look at other things I can coat ;-) ~Phil

Just washed the bike after my xcountry trip. Did over 9,000 miles with new brake pads on the front. All the brake dust and all other dirt came right off.Rims look just as nice as they did when I first applied ProtectaClear. I wish I had known About this product when I first bought the wing. ~Eddie P.

I have used ProtectaClear which was easy to apply and the wheels look great! Thanks for your support and concern. It is refreshing to see a company be so active in the follow-up to there products to see if it met their customer's expectations. ~

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