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Stop Corrosion and Oxidation on your Goldwing Wheels.

Grime and dirt easily wash right off-
even after 9000 mile trips.

Keep your GL wheels looking freshly polished and protected from Corrosion, Oxidation, Stains and Pitting.

Honda Goldwing wheels are especially difficult to keep clean because they are not coated. Some Goldwing owners wax their wheels once a month and some wax after every ride. What a chore!!

Many Goldwing owners tend to neglect the wheels when cleaning the bike. The large amount of painted plastic panels (almost 40 on a GL1800 and more than 50 on a GL1500 Goldwing) means that most owners tend to clean the bodywork like they would a car and (apart from a cursory wipe with a rag) reserve little effort for the wheels. On the GL1800, the un-lacquered wheels need attention in order to keep white oxidation (from damp and water) and black spots (caused by brake dust) get a chance to settle in and cause damage.

Brake dust is highly corrosive and is the single most destructive contaminant that plagues your wheels. Road salts can also corrode and pit metal wheels.

Brake dust is a fine powder residue created from the brake rotor wearing away the brake lining. The pads contain carbon fibers, metal filings and an acidic adhesive. It is very sticky and collects in every nook and cranny of the wheel. If allowed to sit on your wheels, the highly corrosive brake dust can pit the metal.

Brake dust leaves gummy deposits that are hard to remove. Be wary of highly acidic cleaners because they can damage the finish on your wheels. When cleaning wheels, start with the least aggressive method of cleaning, soap and water. If brake dust has built up and they need a tougher cleaner,Restore Wheel Cleaner is a cleaner that works to remove tough grime, corrosion and brake dust. Paint it On - Let it Work - Agitate with a brush - Rinse it Off.

Once the wheels are clean, ProtectaClear will keep them clean and looking freshly polished. Protect your wheels from corrosion and oxidation and keep them looking great with ProtectaClear.

  • ProtectaClear is NOT a wax but is a Tough, Clear Protective Coating that will protect your aluminum, chrome or alloy wheels from corrosion and oxidation. Seals and protects Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum too.
  • ProtectaClear is crystal clear, is a one-part,self leveling coating that is easy to apply and is tough enough to keep your wheels looking great even if you drive through corrosive salts in the winter.
  • ProtectaClear is easy to apply and can easily be removed for re-application. Paint it on, spray it on, wipe it on. Self Leveling. ProtectaClear will blend to itself so re-coating is easy. The coating is not thick and plastic looking but makes the metal look like it is freshly polished.

We have had quite a few Honda Goldwing owners use ProtectaClear to protect their wheels. Honda does not apply a protective clear coat and owners have a problem with corrosion and oxidation. Read about ProtectaClear on an independent Goldwing forum.

What Do I need?

ProtectaClear is available by itself or in kits with cleaners, neutralizers or polishes.

If you use an acid based polish, you need to neutralize the acid before coating the wheels.

ProtectaClear Trial Kit

ProtectaClear Trial Kit Neutralize & Seal about 25 SF. Use this kit if you use an acid based kit to polish your wheels.

Need a Larger Kit for more than just Wheels?

AProtectaClear Starter Kit - Coverage about 125 SF.

Just want the ProtectaClear Coating? Don't need Polish or Neutralizer?

ProtectaClear is available in various sized cans.

Corroded or Really Dirty Wheels?

Restore Wheel Cleaner will easily remove brake dust and grime from wheels.

Restore Wheel Cleanerwill easily clean and remove grime and brake dust from wheels. Available in Pints and 8 oz.

Rave Reviews

Rim coated with ProtectaClear

"I polished then coated the aluminum wheels on my 2009 Honda Goldwing GL1800 with the ProtectaClear and it worked great. We left on July 9th from Cartersville GA and rode to Gettysburg PA via the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline drive and just got back Friday July 16th, 2005 miles all total. I cleaned the bike today andwashed and rinsed the wheels and they look like new. Thanks for a great product." John Waters

"Just wanted to let you know that your product is so easy to apply, and the results are fantastic. I did the aluminum wheels on my Goldwing and they turned out awesome. I polished them out to a superior shine and then coated with ProtectaClear. Couldn't have been any easier. Thanks for making such a user friendly product.Thank You!" Rick Ekstrom

"I have used the Everbrite on the stock aluminum wheel from my Goldwing and it performed as stated. I used a natural bristle brush to apply the ProtectaClear and it did leave brush strokes on smooth surfaces, but they soon disappeared as it dried. So far, everyone I have shown the wheel to has been impressed.Thanks and you may be hearing more from me later."RDK Apex, NC

"I heard about your product from a fellow Honda Goldwing rider. We all share a common problem. We have aluminum wheels which are a real pain to keep clean. His wheels look great! He shared his secret with me. By the way your service is great, something you don't see very often anymore!" Bob Richards

"I just completed coating my Goldwing rear wheel. ProtectaClear worked great! Thank you!!!"Brandon Berman


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