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EquipCoat Quart - 32 oz.

EquipCoat Quart will restore and protect approximately 250 square feet - one coat coverage.  


EquipCoat is a coating for heavy construction equipment is a crystal clear polymeric resin that will last for years and can greatly increase resale value. EquipCoat reduces maintenance and cleaning. A two coat system should be applied when equipment is used in and exposed to harsh chemicals.

  • Formulated for use on Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Recommended for use by certified applicators
  • Long Term protection helps prevent corrosion, oxidation, rust & fading
    of paint
  • Seals- Polymer resin encapsulates metal surfaces
  • Crystal Clear Coating – will restore gloss and enhances color
  • Highly Corrosion Resistant. Protects equipment from U.V., salt, calcium chloride, fly ash, fertilizer and urea damage, etc.
  • Use on new and used equipment
  • Restores faded paint surfaces and paint gloss
  • Helps restore clarity to red and amber light lenses
  • Indefinite Shelf Life in closed container
  • Will not chip, crack, peel or yellow when applied as directed
  • Will bond to itself – No sanding or priming needed to apply.
  • Paintable- Once cured coating can be painted over
  • Heat resistant- Allows coating of radiator, engine and their components
  • Reduces Maintenance – Coated Surfaces help repel dirt, easier to clean.
  • Economical – will refinish and protect approx. 1000 sq. ft. per gallon

Surface Preparation: Remove all wax, Cosmolene, grease, road tar and oxidation. Remove rust, dead or loose paint and any peeling clear-coat. Wash equipment with EquipCoat cleaners or other free-rinsing detergent, rinse well and allow to completely dry. RINSE THOROUGHLY – DO NOT ALLOW THE CLEANERS TO DRY ON THE SURFACE.

Application: Provide adequate ventilation & remove all sources of ignition or sparks. Do not apply to hot metal or the coating will not self-level before it dries. Apply a single coat that thoroughly wets the surface. Allow to dry. For corrosion protection a second coat is recommended. Apply EquipCoat with automotive type paint sprayer using a fine finish tip. Under warm and dry conditions EquipCoat will dry to the touch in 15 to 20 minutes.

Aftercare: Coated surface cleans up easily with just soap & water. Use a fireman hose or pressure washer with a fan tip not less than a 25 degree angle. Do not use degreasing soaps or any solvent base cleaners, doing so may void warranty. Use a soap that is approved for heavy construction equipment paint finishes.

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