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Protect Your Car or Boat from Corrosion

Everbrite Coatings will Restore Faded Metals, Protect Polished Metals. Keep your Toys Looking Sharp!

Has your ride lost its luster?


Closeup of polished aluminum rim protected with ProtectaClear
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One of the worst things for your wheels to encounter is brake dust. Brake dust can eat away at your wheels and is the single most destructive thing for them. This process happens inside the wheels and can be very damaging.  Brake dust is a fine powder residue created from the brake rotor wearing away the brake pads. The pads contain carbon fibers, various graphite, steel, iron, copper shavings and an acidic adhesive. It is very sticky and collects in every nook and cranny of the wheel. If allowed to sit on your wheels, the highly corrosive brake dust can pit the metal. Brake dust leaves gummy deposits that are hard to remove. Be wary of highly acidic cleaners because they can damage the finish on your wheels.


When cleaning wheels, start with the least aggressive method of cleaning, soap and water. If they need a tougher cleaner, our ERW-XL Rust Remover & Cleaner does a great job as a Wheel Cleaner that works to remove tough grime and brake dust.  Paint it On - Let it Work - Rinse it Off.


Protect your wheels from corrosion and oxidation and keep them looking great with ProtectaClear®. We recommend this coating because of the mirror-polished finish of the rims. 

  • ProtectaClear® is NOT a wax but is a Tough, Clear Protective Coating that will protect your aluminum, chrome or alloy wheels from corrosion and oxidation. Seals and protects Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum too.

  • ProtectaClear® is crystal clear, is a one-part, self-leveling coating that is easy to apply and is tough enough to keep your wheels looking great even if you drive through corrosive salts in the winter. Two coats of ProtectaClear® are recommended on wheels to provide excellent protection.

  • ProtectaClear® is easy to apply, can easily be removed for reapplication. ProtectaClear® will blend to itself so re-coating is easy. The coating is not thick and plastic-looking but makes the metal look like it is freshly polished.


Is Winter Attacking Your Wheels?

Winter can be one of the most detrimental times for your wheels, as well as metal surfaces on your car, truck or bike. Road salts and snow removal chemicals can corrode, pit or stain your wheels, chrome bumpers and other metal. Don’t let winter damage your wheels any longer—protect them from Road Salts with ProtectaClear. ProtectaClear is a clear protective coating that is tough and durable, is highly resistant to salts and chlorines and will keep the metal on your ride looking freshly polished. Metal protected with ProtectaClear will clean up easily with mild soap and water.


Aluminum pontoon on boat sealed and protected with ProtectaClear.

Salty environments and weather can damage metal on boats. Your boat may need protection from these elements to keep it looking brand new for years to come, so use one of our protective coatings to stop corrosion.

Our ProtectaClear coating can keep aluminum, stainless steel, chrome and brass protected from corrosion, tea-staining, tarnish and rust. Use on railings, tuna towers, trim, masts and other metal to keep your boat looking great with little to no maintenance. 

When to use EVERBRITE™

Automotive Trim

Painted Metal



Stainless Steel


Polished Parts


When to use 


High Touch Surfaces where Cleanliness matters

Surfaces that need antimicrobial protection


Customer Reviews for Auto & Marine

"Customer service was awesome. Called to confirm that Everbrite was the right product for my aluminum auto parts and the representative was very knowledgeable."

-Phil Mejia

Aluminum Truck Bed Cover Protected with Everbrite
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