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Restore and Protect Copper Roofs


Everbrite Coating will restore the color and luster of  tarnished copper roofs and will keep copper roofs looking like new.

Copper roofs add a warm, beautiful accent to your home.  You love the warm glow of the copper. Many people consider copper roofs to be architectural bling.  But, how do you keep your copper roof from tarnishing or weathering and losing the bling factor?

If not protected, copper will weather and turn brown very quickly and the distinctive copper look is lost. Everbrite Coating will seal the copper to "freeze" the color right where you like it.  Shiny like a new penny or at the perfect shade of copper you desire. 

Everbrite Coating is a clear, easy-to-apply, DIY protective coating that will keep your copper roofs looking new and will prevent tarnish and weathering. Everbrite Coating has special additives that prevent copper from tarnishing long-term and can be maintained indefinitely.

Is your Copper Roof already old and brown? You can restore your copper roof to the original copper color and luster again.  We have copper roof restoration kits to restore old copper roofs to new again. 


Copper roof restored with Everbrite to keep it copper for years.

Copper Roofs - Big and Small

Has your copper roof lost its luster? Copper roofs come in many sizes. From large domes to tiny birdhouse roofs, copper roofs all tarnish and discolor unless they are protected from tarnish, oxidation, and other damaging elements. Copper domes on courthouses, churches, mosques, copper roofs above bay windows and above home entrances are a major part of the image of the building. 

Why do copper roofs tarnish? Copper creates a distinctive look to buildings.  It is fire-resistant and does not corrode or deteriorate.  However, copper does tarnish with exposure to weather.  Copper will start to tarnish and develop a patina right away after it is installed.  It will not turn green for many years and will look brown unless the copper is sealed with a coating that has tarnish inhibitors in it like Everbrite Coating.

Can I "freeze" the color of the patina on my copper roof to stop the tarnishing? You finally have the perfect color on your copper roof.  Not too shiny but not dull and dark either.  Everbrite Coating can stop the tarnishing process to preserve that perfect color of your copper roof.  Everbrite Coating has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants for long-lasting protection of copper and it can be maintained indefinitely. 


How to Clean Copper Roofs

How can I clean my old copper roof to look new again?  Copper roofs can be cleaned chemically with HD Copper Cleaning Gel or they can be cleaned mechanically by sanding or blasting. 

Copper is a softer metal so sand-blasting is not recommended. Soda-blasting or glass-blasting are other options that work well for mechanical cleaning.    Acid will clean and brighten copper roofs. HD Copper Cleaning Gel is a mild acid that has been made into a gel that will cling to roofs and will stay where it is painted on the copper.  Paint it on- Let it work - Scrub it off.  Used by many DIY customers.

Copper roof restored with Everbrite Coating
Copper roof restored with Everbrite Coating
Copper roof restored with Everbrite Coating
Copper roof restored with Everbrite Coating

"I wanted to share with you some of the photos of the copper restoration we completed this week. The Everbrite materials used on this project were spectacular.  I am truly appreciative of all your help!"


-David J. DeWald President/owner Energy Efficient Roofing & Construction

Copper Dome restored with Everbrite - bright copper shining in sun
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