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Restore and Protect Metals

Restore the Color and Luster of your Aluminum Window Frames

Are faded window frames ruining the look of your home or business? 

Restore the color and luster of aluminum window frames with Everbrite Clear Protective Coating.  Everbrite restores dull, faded, and oxidized aluminum window frames to look new again, improving the look of your property.  Everbrite Coating will restore anodized aluminum, bare aluminum, painted or powder-coated aluminum window frames. 

Everbrite Coating:

  • Restores the color and luster of faded aluminum or painted surfaces to look new.

  • Provides UV protection for paint or anodized metals against the harsh sun.

  • Easy to Apply - Self-leveling.

  • Maintain the beautiful look of your windows indefinitely by recoating every 5 to 10 years depending on exposure.  

We have helped thousands of contractors, landlords and homeowners restore their sun-faded and oxidized aluminum window frames for over 30 years with Everbrite Coating.  You can also restore your window frames with Everbrite.  

Everbrite works to Restore All Colors


Aluminum Damaged by Stucco or Mortar?

Aluminum damaged by Stucco or Mortar can be restored with Everbrite if it is not too far gone.
Aluminum windowframe restored with Everbrite

Stucco or Mortar can stain and ruin the finish of Aluminum. Damaged Aluminum can be restored with Everbrite™.

Anodized aluminum can be ruined and stained by stucco, mortar, cement or acid-based cleaners.  They can damage the finish, creating stains and uneven texture. To restore the color, luster, and finish of the Anodized Aluminum, use Everbrite  Coating.  Everbrite™ has restored damaged aluminum window frames saving thousands of dollars over replacing the anodized aluminum.  

How can I tell if my damaged aluminum can be restored? 

  1. Test the aluminum by cleaning a section with soap and water. 

  2. Observe when it is clean and wet.

  3. If the stains disappear, then Everbrite will work.

  4. Purchase an Everbrite Restoration Kit to restore your aluminum.

If the stains do not disappear when the aluminum is clean and wet, then the metal could be too damaged and Everbrite Coating will not restore the look of the damaged aluminum. 

Anodized aluminum extrusions come in clear anodized aluminum which has the look of bare aluminum. Anodized aluminum also comes in colors like bronze and also in brightly colored aluminum that fades, chalks and looks dull. Everbrite™ will restore the color and luster and will rejuvenate the anodized aluminum to look great again.


Everbrite™ will protect the metal from sun fading, oxidation, salt air corrosion, acid rain and other damaging elements.

Try the Everbrite™ Restoration Process on your anodized aluminum window frames, storefront, anodized aluminum extrusions or curtain wall. You will be amazed at the restoration.

Rave Reviews from Everbrite Customers

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a solution that worked on my windows. My order of Everbrite arrived this past week and followed your instructions and cannot tell you how wonderful it turned out! Covered great, flowed perfect, and best of all it performed as advertised. Yes. I paid for something that actually did what it was supposed to do for a change. That doesn't happen very often anymore and you've definitely got a return customer. Could not be happier with Everbrite." - T. Baker, VA

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