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Invisible Protection. Visible Cleanliness

How to Restore, Maintain & Protect Brass from Tarnish

Love the warm glow of Brass?

Brass is a versatile metal alloy made by combining copper and zinc. Its distinctive golden appearance and unique properties make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, from musical instruments to decorative items. To keep brass items looking their best and functioning properly, proper care and maintenance are essential.  Brass that gets a lot of handling like musical instruments or sinks can be frustrating to keep clean and fingerprint-free.  

Stop constantly polishing your brass and protect it for years to come with ProtectaClear - a proven clear, protective coating for metal, that is easy to apply and is practically invisible on metals. It is crystal clear, thin, durable and has anti-oxidants to protect brass and other metals from tarnish and oxidation long-term.  You’ll have brass surfaces looking like they did right after polishing, and this effect is long-lasting, protecting from fingerprints, tarnish, grime and oxidation.

ProtectaClear will keep all your brass looking pristine long-term.   Brass jewelry, sinks, musical instruments, railings, brass beds, home decor like coat racks or fans, brass accents on furniture, door hardware, bells, art and sculptures are just a few of the brass items that can be sealed and protected with ProtectaClear.  

Intricate brass Brass bathroom sink coated with ProtectaClear to prevent waterspots and tarnish
Antique brass cash register that has been restored with ProtectaClear
Antique brass Gatling gun restored and protected with ProtectaClear
Brass rails around a pool sealed with ProtectaClear to prevent tarnish
Brass Door Bell polished and protected with ProtectaClear


Brass bracelet coated with ProtectaClear
Brass jewlery coated with ProtectaClear

Keep Brass Jewelry Looking Freshly Polished & Protect Your Skin too.  

Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings: Brass jewelry is popular for its affordability, unique appearance, and versatility in design.  Brass is durable and stylish but is prone to tarnishing and can cause skin discoloration for some people due to metal sensitivity.  ​

ProtectaClear will not only keep your brass jewelry shining but it will also make the jewelry hypoallergenic and will protect sensitive skin from metal exposure which can cause allergies. 


Brass fan restored with ProtectaClear
Before and after brass Restorrack restored with ProtectaClear

Brass fans, coat hangers, picture frames and furniture accents need protection from tarnish and wear. 

Brass is back according to interior decorators. It is a time-honored finish that can be understated and luxurious. Brass adds a touch of elegance that will always stay in style. Everything old is new again. Brass is a great accent and can be combined with gray, graphite, black or white.  It also fits beautifully into the warm hue and wood color pallets.  

What is not back is the tarnished look or the need for constant polishing to remove grime, fingerprints and tarnish. Whether you have polished brass, antique brass, satin brass, solid brass or plated brass, it all needs to be protected from tarnish and discoloration.

ProtectaClear will keep your brass looking new and is practically invisible to allow the beauty of the brass to shine through.  Buy ProtectaClear only for new brass or brass that is already polished.  Brass Kits with Polish include brass polish with jewelers rouge to gently clean your brass.  


Brass sink restored with ProtectaClear
Brass sink restored with ProtectaClear

How to restore a brass sink & keep it looking freshly polished.
Stop bacteria build-up as well.  

Do you want to Keep Your Brass Sink Looking New?  Need to Restore Older Brass Sinks to their former glory?  Brass sinks are typically used for bath sinks or bar sinks but kitchen sinks can also be brass that causes headaches.  

Brass sinks are gorgeous but can be frustrating to keep up.  Water spots can be a real problem and take away from the beauty of the brass. Polishing every time you use the sink is not a good option. Sinks with patinas look great but any acid will spot the patina and create bright spots that don't blend in.  CrobialCoat will not only keep your sink looking new but will also help stop the buildup of bacteria and microbes. CrobialCoat Kits will restore tarnished sinks to look new & will protect your sinks from tarnish, waterspots, microbes and bacteria buildup.


Brass cymbals restored with protectaclear
Brass accordian protected with ProtectaClear

Keep Brass Instruments Looking & Sounding Great - Fingerprint resistant too!

Brass musical instruments hold a special place in the world of music, known for their warm, rich tones and timeless elegance. When shiny and new, they offer a certain allure, but maintaining that pristine look takes a lot of time and effort. 

Many brass musical instruments are coated with lacquers.  However, lacquers can darken over time and when they wear off, the brass looks spotty.  Perhaps you have a vintage musical instrument that you want to restore.  ProtectaClear is an easy-to-apply protective coating for brass that will keep your brass instrument looking great and is easy to maintain. Skin safe and safe on mouthpieces once it is cured. ProtectaClear does not change the tone of the instruments.  Cymbals, tubas, trombones, trumpets and all other brass instruments can be protected with ProtectaClear long-term. 


Brass eye protected with ProtectaClear
Polished brass horse protected with ProtectaClear

Keep Brass Art and Sculptures Protected and Looking New

Brass has been used for creating art and sculptures for centuries.  Artists want to have their creations stay looking as they made them.  Polished brass, satin brass and even plated brass art will tarnish and fingerprint if not protected.  ProtectaClear is practically invisible protection and will protect long-term and can be maintained indefinitely.  



Polished Brass Bed never needs polishing again after ProtectaClear protection.
Brass and stainless bed protected from tarnish with ProtectaClear

How to restore a brass bed & keep it looking freshly polished

Brass Beds make beautiful accents to a bedroom. The warm glow of freshly polished brass can add so much to any home. However, as time passes, the brass can become oxidized or the lacquer coating can wear away, leaving the brass spotty. 

Restoring and protecting your brass bed with ProtectaClear can breathe new life into your bedroom for years to come. ProtectaClear is an easy-to-apply, scratch-resistant protective coating that will keep your brass bed shining for years.   ProtectaClear is easy-to-apply and self-leveling, so they look smooth with little effort.  Click Here for Step by Step Directions


fire extinguisher (1).jpg
Antique brass clock restored with ProtectaClear
Vintage brass cash register  restored with ProtectaClear

Keep Vintage Brass and Antiques  Looking Great.  

Have you made a great find in an antique store or inherited vintage brass?  ​But the old brass is black or even starting to show some corrosion?  You can save these treasures by cleaning them up and protecting them with ProtectaClear.  They can be amazing showpieces again that you are proud to have in your home. 


Brass lighting restored with ProtectaClear
Brass chandelier restored with ProtectaClear

Brass Lamps, Chandeliers, Candlesticks - Keep them Looking New 

You just spent hours and hours cleaning your beautiful brass lamp, chandelier or candlesticks and you want to keep the brass from tarnishing. You never want to clean it again! Maybe you inherited vintage brass or found a great find at an antique store but don't like the dark, tarnished look of the brass.  You no longer have to keep your brass hidden away because you are tired of polishing it over and over. ​

ProtectaClear® will keep your lamps and chandeliers looking like you just finished polishing.  They will just need an occasional light dusting and will maintain their shine and luster for years.  

Buy ProtectaClear only for new brass or brass that is already polished.  Brass Kits with Polish include brass polish with jewelers rouge to gently clean your brass.  


Brass Door Bell polished and protected with ProtectaClear

Keep Brass Hardware Looking New Long-Term.

Forget boring door handles, door knockers or doorbells! Brass hardware adds major bling to your home, making it stand out and impressing visitors and potential buyers with its warm, golden glow. But like any cool stuff, it needs some protection to stay sparkling, working smoothly, and lasting for ages.  Think of it as jewelry for your home, ensuring it shines bright and welcomes everyone with timeless style. 

Restoring and protecting your brass hardware with ProtectaClear will improve your curb appeal and will keep your home looking sharp. ProtectaClear is an easy-to-apply, scratch-resistant protective coating that lasts for years. 


  1. Remove any old lacquer or coatings with xylene or lacquer thinner. You can test for old coatings by trying to clean a small area. If the brass can be cleaned with polish, then there is probably no old coating on the brass.

  2. Some people take the intricate brass items apart and some people polish them while intact. This is a personal preference.

  3. Polish the brass with a polish made for brass. Do not use heavy abrasives as brass is very soft and will scratch easily. Midas Touch Polishing Cream is an excellent polish and is not acid-based so it does not need neutralizing.

  4. If an acid-based polish is used, the acid must be neutralized with EZ-Prep Cleaner or baking soda and water.

  5. Rinse the neutralizer off the brass with plain water and dry.

  6. Wipe with a clean solvent like denatured alcohol or xylene (available at hardware stores) to remove any contaminants.

  7. Apply ProtectaClear®. Two coats are recommended with an hour between coats. For CrobialCoat™, only one coat is needed unless the project is extremely high touch.

  8. Let dry and Enjoy the Beauty.


**Tip: Once you apply ProtectaClear®, let it dry without messing with it. It is self-leveling and will dry to a smooth, even finish if left alone.


1. If you want to protect your brass while it is still new and shiny, clean any oil or other contaminants from the metal. This can be done by simply wiping the metal with a solvent cleaner like xylene or denatured alcohol which can be purchased at most hardware or paint stores. The solvents will not remove tarnish, patina or dark fingerprints. These will need to be polished off of the surface. ***TIP: Use gloves to handle new brass before it is sealed or you can end up with dark fingerprints on the metal.

2. Once the metal is clean, ProtectaClear® or CrobialCoat™ can be applied by several methods. It can be sprayed on or wiped on the surface with clear-coat applicators, fine brushes, poly-sponge brushes or a pad of lint-free white cloth. Let it dry and enjoy your beautiful brass fixtures, faucets, jewelry, sinks, instruments, and more!


Customer Reviews for Brass

"Thanks again for just everything, ProtectaClear and the service! You all were kind enough to send me instructions, ask if I had questions or issues in using your products, extending excellent customer service to me time after time. I’ve attached 2 pictures of projects that ProtectaClear really helped me out with. I think they turned out just beautiful! The candlestick was just an oddly large find in a mountain town antique store, sure as heck didn’t look like that when I first brought it home! The lamp was originally so gross, I had no idea it was actually head to toe brass!  Thanks to ProtectaClear, no one will make that mistake again. Since I bought the product, I’ve ProtectaClear’ed everything in the house I could get my hands on. Your product is just excellent!! It's very easy to use, very forgiving when I messed up, and I couldn’t be happier to have found it. I refurbish old lamps as a hobby and a stress release. Your product takes them to a level I’ve not seen before. I get so many compliments now! I’ve recommended ProtectaClear to everyone who comments on a brass or metal item in my house. The excellent product, coupled with the simply unsurpassed customer service, compelled me to write to you to thank you very much. People should know that when they buy your product, you are really there for them. I couldn’t be happier with your product or your company."


-Susan L., Colorado

Brass candlestick polished and sealed with ProtectaClear
Brass lamp restored and protected with ProtectaClear
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