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Restore and Protect Metals

Prevent Tarnish & Corrosion on Art & Sculpture

You just bought some beautiful copper garden art and love the warm accent in your garden. If it is not protected, the copper will weather. Copper garden art is a beautiful accent to your property. You love the warm glow of the metal. But, how do you keep the copper and brass from tarnishing or weathering? Everbrite™ Coatings are clear, protective coatings that will keep your copper looking new and will prevent weathering.

Everbrite™ and ProtectaClear® Coatings will prevent tarnish and corrosion on brass and copper. Stop tarnish on your copper garden art, copper fountains and more. Stop tarnish and oxidation and Enjoy the Beauty.

Everbrite™ Coatings will seal and protect metal from tarnish, oxidation, corrosion, salt air and other damaging elements. It’s easy to apply. Everbrite™ Coatings are not a lacquer or a thick plastic coating which can detract from the beauty of the metal. Everbrite™ Coatings are very natural looking and will make the metal look like it is just polished. 

Bronze Ballerina sculpture protected with ProtectaClear
Small sculptures of dancers protected with ProtectaClear
Flamed copper birds on a sculpture are coated with Everbrite to preserve the colors.

How to keep your Carolina copper creation looking as beautiful as the day it was created. 

Carolina Copper Creations Creative master designs in copper and stained glass crafted from the artist's portfolio or on secured commission. Fountains and sculptures created from quality materials with trademark detail and patina. Carolina Copper Creations recommends ProtectaClear® to protect your Copper Creation from tarnish and oxidation. ProtectaClear® will keep your Creation looking like it is freshly polished. NOT a lacquer that will yellow or discolor. ProtectaClear® is an easy-to-apply, natural-looking protective coating that will let the beauty of the metal shine through.

Copper sculpture with dragonfly coated with Everbrite
Copper Sculpture of flower and leaves in vase
Copper Leaf with Patina protected with ProtectaClear
Copper Sculpture of flowers and leaves in pot coated with ProtectaClear


1. If you want to protect your metal garden art while it is still new, simply clean any oil or other contaminants from the copper or brass. This can be done by wiping the metal with xylene or denatured alcohol which can be purchased at most hardware or paint stores. This will ensure a completely clean surface so the Everbrite™ can go on evenly and will have good adhesion. Wiping with the solvents will not remove tarnish. If you want to let the metal tarnish slightly and would like to preserve the tarnish and not have it get any worse, then you can stop the advancement of the tarnish with an Everbrite™ Coating.

2. Once the metal is clean, Everbrite™ or ProtectaClear® can be applied by several methods. It can be sprayed on or wiped on the surface with clear-coat applicators, natural bristled paintbrushes, poly sponge brushes or a pad of lint-free cloth. Let it dry and enjoy your beautiful copper and brass Garden Art, weathervane, cupola, finial, copper gutters, wind chimes and more.

For exterior applications which do not get a lot of handling, Everbrite™  is recommended. For interior metal or metal that gets a lot of handling like railings, doorknobs, door knockers, etc, ProtectaClear®  is recommended.

When to use EVERBRITE™

Outdoor Sculptures

Anodized Metals
Painted Metals



High Touch Surfaces

Mirror-Polished Metals

Highly Polished Metals

Stainless Steel


Customer Reviews for Art & Sculpture

"These are a couple items I design using Everbrite as a finish."

-Kathy Corgiat

Copper Sculptures of cat and hummingbird with Patina coated with Everbrite
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