Restore and Protect Metal
Restore and Protect Metals

Directions and Instructions for our Coatings

What is the best coating for my project?

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How to use CrobialCoat 

CrobialCoat Instructions

How to Seal Rusted Metal

Everbrite Instructions

How to Restore Painted Metal

Everbrite Instructions

Maintenance: Unpainted Metal

How to Restore Unpainted Metal

ProtectaClear Instructions

How to Restore Storage Doors

Everbrite Instructions

How to use the
Rust Remover

Maintenance: Painted Metal

Everbrite Instructions

How to use 
Copper Cleaning Gel

How to remove a metal insert from a metal can

How to use a solvent for our coatings

Prevent Acid
Rain Damage

Anodized Aluminum


Prevent Salt Corrosion


Video Instructions



Restore Windowframes


Stainless Steel

Metal Restoration

Storage Doors