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How to Open the Can

Remove the Metal Insert from Under the Screwcap

In order to prevent leaking during shipping, metal cans that have liquid in them must have an insert under the screw cap.  Some are plastic with a ring that can be pulled out and some are metal.  This insert needs to be removed and discarded.  

Only our 4 oz. cans of Everbrite Coating and ProtectaClear have a metal insert that will need to be removed.  

Here are the steps to remove a metal insert:

  • Hold the can to prevent the contents from spilling.

  • Use a small screwdriver or ice pick and pierce the metal insert.

  • You can use a small hammer to tap the end of the screwdriver or icepick. 

  • Hold the can securely and pop the metal insert out.

  • Discard the insert.

  • Use the screw top on the can to prevent spills.

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