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Restore and Protect Metal

Protect Public Art from Tarnish, Corrosion & Oxidation

Protect Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel Art and Sculptures. Keep them looking their best and protect from weathering and graffiti too. 


Bronze Sculpture of the founder of Fort Worth TX protected with Everbrite

Archie St. Clair is the sculptor of this bronze sculpture of the founder of Fort Worth TX, Major Ripley Arnold, he built the fort in 1896. The sculpture is protected with Everbrite. Check out more of Archie's work here

Rex is the largest standing bronze lion created by Jon Hair. Protected with Everbrite from fading
Rex and Jon Hair's bronze lion that is coated with Everbrite and is protected from fading

The world's largest standing bronze lion was created by Jon D. Hair, world renowned sculptor and is protected with Everbrite™ Protective Coating. Rex was cast near Sacramento, CA at Frostad Atelier Foundry and is residing at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. You can see more information at 

Mr. Jon Hair is a world-renowned sculptor who was named Official Sculptor of the US Olympic Team and an Official Sculptor of the Beijing Olympics. Jon Hair has over 30 major public art commissions including "Olympic Strength" - a 35 foot tall monument which has become the icon for the US. Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Jon's massive bronze at Purdue University entitled "The Boilermaker" rises 26 feet as the crowning jewel of the Ross-Abe Stadium. Other public art commissions include the US Air Force Academy and the Academy for Television Art and Sciences for the Emmy's Hall of Fame.

Jon chooses to use Everbrite™ Protective Coating to protect his bronze sculptures because it is easier and less expensive to maintain than other coating systems such as Incralac®.

  • If graffiti happens to get on a sculpture coated with Incralac® or other cross-linked coatings, the area must be sandblasted, re-patinized and then recoated. With Everbrite™, the graffiti can be wiped off with a solvent like xylene and the coating can be reapplied. Everbrite™ is self-annealing and will blend to itself so the repairs will not be noticeable.

  • Incralac® will start to peel after about 7 years and the coating must be blasted off with sand or other abrasives, the bronze must be re-patinized and the coating reapplied. This involves a lot of expense to take down the sculpture and send it back to the foundry for the work to be completed. Everbrite™ can be wiped down with a solvent and reapplied in the field. No expensive processes.

  • Everbrite™ is available in a Satin finish so the bronze does not need wax to dull down the shine.



Kevin Robb forms stainless steel into contemporary sculptures, creating works of art that bring a feeling of life and quiet energy to both indoor and outdoor spaces. A wonderful sense of intimacy is created for viewers as they observe the large, flowing shapes held firmly into positions that defy gravity. These large scale stainless steel sculptures and table top sized stainless steel sculptures are distinguished by their smooth, graceful edges and seamless metal intersections, revealing the high caliber welding involved. The swirl patters on the stainless steel are distinct of Kevin Robb.


The materials utilized in the stainless steel sculptures of Kevin Robb are of an 11 gauge steel or stronger, depending on the size and structure of the piece. All of Kevin’s stainless steel sculptures are protected with ProtectaClear®. This clear, blended coating assures a lifelong, lustrous look. As with any metal that is outdoors, a gradual darkening may occur over the period of many years.

To clean the sculptures from everyday dirt and grime, simply wash down the sculpture with a mild soap and water. A clean, soft towel can then be used to dry any water spots.

Yup, it’s that simple! DO NOT ever use a cleaner on stainless steel that is abrasive, contains copper or iron, minerals, chlorine or window cleaning solutions. In the event of vandalism with an etching tool it will be necessary to physically grind the surface with a new 80 grit 7 inch sanding disc and then reapply ProtectaClear® over the sanded area. ProtectaClear® will blend to itself.

Kevin Robb's Sculptures are protected with ProtectaClear®. ProtectaClear® allows the distinctive patterns and the beautiful sheen of the stainless steel to look completely natural while being protected from the elements.

This is “Bella Danza,” a Beautiful Stainless Steel Sculpture by Kevin Robb that stands 17 feet tall at the Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, NJ. ProtectaClear® protects the stainless steel from the chemicals used in the swimming pool and keeps it looking freshly polished.

Stainless Steel Sculpture protected near a pool with ProtectaClear to stop teastaining and rust.
Stainless Steel Sculpture by Kevin Robb that is protected from rust & teastaining with ProtectaClear

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