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Restore and Protect Metal

Breathe New Life Into Your Old, Faded Patio Furniture!

Stop Corrosion, Fading, Rust and Tarnish to protect your furniture.  

Is your once-beautiful patio furniture looking dull, faded or starting to rust? Don't break the bank replacing it - your patio furniture might be better than you think. Restore and protect it to look new again with long-lasting Everbrite Coating. 


Wave goodbye to rust and corrosion. Rust can turn your beautiful furniture into an eyesore and even stain your guests' light-colored clothes. But fear not! Everbrite Coating's anti-corrosion properties can shield your patio furniture against rust, keeping your furniture looking stunning and your guests stain-free.

Everbrite Coating breathes new life into old-looking metal or teak patio furniture. The relentless sun and weather can strip your furniture of its former glory, leaving it looking dull, chalky and oxidized. Your patio furniture will transcend from drab to fab, looking great for years and can be maintained indefinitely.

AND Everbrite Coating is easy to apply! Begin by cleaning your furniture until it looks good when it's clean and still wet. Once completely dry, Everbrite can be wiped on, rolled on, or sprayed on to restore the original color and luster of the metal. No buffing required.  And the best part? Its finish can be maintained indefinitely by re-coating periodically. Everbrite coating will blend to itself so it is easy to apply.

Patio furniure restord with Everbrite Coating
Teak Patio table and chairs faded to white from sun damage
Teak Patio table and chairs color restored and protected with Everbrite
Everbrite Coating  patio furniture Before And After Picture

FAQs For Using Everbrite Coating To Protect Your Patio Furniture

1. Will Everbrite Coating work on my furniture?

Take the guesswork out by testing a section. Clean it with mild soap and water, rinse, and observe while STILL wet. That's the “wow factor” you'll get with Everbrite Coating.


2. Can Everbrite Coating restore furniture of any color?

Absolutely! Everbrite Coating is completely clear and designed to revive the color and luster of metal of any color.  It will also protect from sun, salt air, rust and other damaging elements.

3. Can Everbrite Coating be used on other surfaces?

Definitely! Everbrite Coating is your go-to for restoring faded metal  to look new again - from outdoor lights, window frames, garage doors and shutters. Just look around your home for endless possibilities!

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Customer Reviews for Patio Furniture

Patio table before it was restored with Everbrite Coating

"I finally completed my project to refurbish my dull oxidized patio furniture today and I am pleased with the results. It wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated, just time-consuming as I have a lot of pieces of furniture. My husband came home and said the furniture looked like new again! I will certainly recommend your product to my friends. Thank you!!"  ~Kathleen L. 

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