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How to Maintain Painted Metal

Suggested Project Use: Metal surfaces including Garage Doors, Doors, Window Frames, Siding, Buildings, Curtain Walls, Storefronts, Sheds, Roofs, Trailers, Patio, Furniture, Mailboxes, Signs, and more that already have Everbrite applied in the past.

*Read entire directions thoroughly before beginning.*

Maintenance When Existing Coating Is Still Intact And Metal Looks Like You Want It When Wet

  1. CLEAN WITH EZ PREP or equivalent, RINSE & DRY

    • Wet the surface with water. (DO NOT apply EZ Prep solution on a dry surface.)

    • In a bucket, mix 1-2 oz. of EZ Prep Cleaning Concentrate per gallon of water to create a soap solution.

    • Submerge soft brush, sponge, or a clean microfiber towel into soap solution and wash surface, cleaning all areas evenly. Wash in sections if necessary. (DO NOT allow any soap mixture to dry on the surface.)

    • Rinse with fresh water until the water sheets off of the metal. Make sure there is no cleaner or other contaminants left on the surface. If the water beads up, the surface is not clean. Rewash the surface. Rinse thoroughly until there are no bubbles or beading and the water sheets off.

    • The surface must be completely dry before application of the coating. Allow to dry or for smaller items, hand dry with soft clean lint-free cloth. Pay close attention to cracks, crevices and seams where water can collect. On smaller projects, you can use a hairdryer or heated fan to help this process.

  2. SEE QuickStart Directions for “Painted Metal”- APPLICATION OF COATING. *DO NOT wipe with a Solvent! (These can be found on the Instructions page of our website.)

Maintenance When Metal Surface Coloring Looks Uneven or Patchy

1. REMOVE ANY LOOSE COATING. Our Prep pads can be used to work off any loose coating. Take caution not to scrub through underlying paint.  Wash off the residue and see how the metal looks when it is clean and still wet.  If the look of the metal is not acceptable, more cleaning is necessary. 

2. SEE QuickStart Directions for “Painted Metal” – Start from the beginning. This process is similar to how you protected your metal initially. (These can be found on the Instructions page of our website.)

NOTE: If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your specific project, please call us.

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