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Protect your Cybertruck from
Fingerprints, Tarnish and Corrosion

Customer Testimonials

In the world of Tesla Cybertruck ownership, where innovation meets awesomeness, the quest for perfection extends beyond the realm of cutting-edge technology. The 30X stainless steel exoskeleton is the shining armor of your ride. As a proud owner of this masterpieces on wheels, you want it to look perfect, from the sleek aerodynamics to the luxurious interior. Yet, one aspect often underestimated is the problem of keeping the exquisite finish of the 30X stainless steel, that is the backbone of the aesthetic appeal, clean and blemish free. This is where ProtectaClear steps in as the MVP of brilliance; preventing fingerprints, staining and corrosion while preserving the pristine glory of the stainless steel finish.

While Cybertruck's iconic exoskeleton is made of 30X stainless steel, the rockstar of the metal world, the finish is not invincible (despite what Elon says). The relentless forces of nature, from the simplest fingerprints to moisture, road salts, and environmental pollutants, can tarnish this finish in a brief few weeks!

ProtectaClear acts as a shield against these corrosive elements, providing a crystal clear and durable protective coating. Imagine your Cybertruck retaining its factory-fresh shine, unmarred by unsightly fingerprints or corrosion. ProtectaClear not only preserves the aesthetic integrity of your truck but also ensures that every journey is a testament to its enduring style.


Of course you are proud of your Cybertruck! But no one wants to constantly spend hours on maintenance. Here's where Protectaclear comes in clutch. You clean the truck following the Tesla Maintenance Guide (below), then spray or wipe on Protectaclear, and BAM! Your stainless steel is good to go, no complicated rituals needed.


Once coated the Cybertruck is even easier to clean and most importantly your finish is protected, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning every bit of bird poop off immediately. If you notice a spot that needs touch up (after years) you can simply Wash, Dry and Reapply the coating without needing to strip it off.


ProtectaClear is self-annealing with means it blends to itself, even years later.  This makes maintaining the finish easy for years to come.  If you decide to wrap the truck down the road, you can apply the wrap directly over the ProtectaClear. 

“To prevent damage to the exterior, immediately remove corrosive substances (such as grease, oil, bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar spots, road salt, industrial fallout, etc.). Do not wait until Cybertruck is due for complete wash. If necessary, use denatured alcohol to remove tar spots and stubborn grease stains, then immediately wash the area with water and a mild, non-detergent soap to remove the alcohol.”




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Let's be real – you spent a lot on your Cybertruck. Do you really want to spend another $4K to $6K to wrap that pristine finish?!  ProtectaClear is the economical solution that protects the factory finish while keeping maintenance costs down. It's like an insurance policy for your stainless steel exoskeleton – a small investment for peace of mind.

Order ProtectaClear Now and Elevate Your Cybertruck Experience!

Don't let environmental factors tarnish the brilliance of your Tesla Cybertruck. Invest in ProtectaClear today and join the community of Cybertruck owners who prioritize not just driving, but driving in style. Unleash the shine, safeguard the future – because your Cybertruck deserves the best.

Click the link below now and embark on a journey of lasting protection and unmatched brilliance with ProtectaClear. Elevate your Cybertruck experience – because it's not just a truck; it's a statement.


What type of coating is ProtectaClear?

ProtectaClear is a blend of polymer resins in a solvent base with anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors to protect your Cybertruck long-term.  ProtectaClear is UV stable so it will never yellow or discolor like lacquers.  It is a thin, lightweight coating that flexes with stainless steel as it expands and contracts with heat so it will not crack or peel.  The resins in ProtectaClear leave a flexible, yet durable layer of protection on your Cybertruck.

Will ProtectaClear change the finish of my Cybertruck?

ProtectaClear is a crystal-clear coating that is practically invisible. It allows the 30X stainless steel finish to shine through. That being said, you must prepare the truck diligently and apply when the finish meets your expectations as any imperfections will show through the coating. ProtectaClear offers long-lasting protection against fingerprints, tarnish, surface rust and corrosion caused by environmental conditions.  


How do I maintain the finish?

Surfaces coated with ProtectaClear are easier to clean than non-protected surfaces. This means it will be easier to clean off dirt, road salts, bird droppings, etc. Simply clean with a mild soap and water. Suggested cleaners: Windex or a mild soap such as EZ Prep™ Cleaner & Neutralizer and water. Do NOT use solvent-based cleaners or abrasives to clean coated metal. Do not use cleaners with “petroleum distillates”. If you see areas that need a touchup, ProtectaClear® is self-annealing and will blend to itself and can be reapplied as needed without showing.


Can (should?) the coating be waxed over or just left as is?

NO! You will not need to wax over ProtectaClear. Wax will interfere with the self-annealing nature of ProtectaClear so it cannot be touched up without removing the wax. ProtectaClear will maintain the finish long-term and if you do see a spot that needs touch-up, ProtectaClear can easily be reapplied. 


How often do I need to reapply ProtectaClear?

Usually every year or two, depending on the abuse you put your Cybertruck through. There is no need to strip the coating to reapply, ProtectaClear® will blend to itself and can be reapplied as needed, even with spot reapplication. The process is as simple as Wash-Dry-Reapply. Simply make sure the surface is clean and apply another layer of ProtectaClear. It is self-annealing, so it blends to itself even years later and maintains the strong  layer of protection.  This repair method is convenient  even for rock chips or other spot damage. 

My Cybertruck already has surface rust, how do I clean this off?

Our ERW-XL Stainless Steel Rust Remover and Cleaner works incredibly well to remove surface rust from your Cybertruck. The application is simple, see the instructions HERE. A small bottle comes in our Cybertruck Kit and it is available for separate purchase as well. 


Will ProtectaClear damage the non-metal parts of my Cybertruck?

ProtectaClear will not damage other hard surfaces such as glass, hard plastics, paint, etc. Any soft rubber or soft plastics will need to be protected from the coating while wet (during application). Once ProtectaClear has dried, it will not affect these surfaces. To remove from hard surfaces you can use a solvent like xylene or acetone, it will not damage glass or hard plastics. In fact, Everbrite™ Coating (one of our other coatings) would be a great way to protect the hard plastic wheels and fenders on your Cybertruck.


The stainless steel finish gets pretty hot in the sun, what temperature is safe for ProtectaClear?

ProtectaClear is stable up to about 550°F once it is dry. It will gas off (disappear) at approximately 660°F. Unless it is on fire, your Cybertruck will never get this hot. 

For application of ProtectaClear, the temperature of the surface should be under 110°F. A good trick if you don’t have a surface thermometer is to hold the back of your hand to the metal. If you cannot hold it there without pain for 10 seconds, then it is too hot to coat. Coating when the surface is too hot will prevent ProtectaClear from self-leveling and can prevent adhesion. 


Where do I buy ProtectaClear and what do I purchase specifically for my Cybertruck?

ProtectaClear is sold directly from Everbrite Coatings at And will ship the next business day directly to your home or business. We have developed a Cybertruck Specialty Kit designed specifically for the Cybertruck. It includes everything you need to clean, prepare and coat your Cybertruck.  Every kit comes with detailed instructions for preparation, application, maintenance and if necessary removal. 


Can I apply ProtectaClear myself or do I have to have a professional apply it?

It is up to you how you want to apply but we sell to hundreds of thousands of homeowners and car enthusiasts who apply our coatings themselves. It is not difficult and we send full instructions with every order. We are simply the coating manufacturer, so we do not provide application services, even locally.  Contact us for a referral to a detailer in your area. 


Are there any problems with discoloration due to extended UV exposure?

No, ProtectaClear is UV stable and will remain crystal clear.  If you have a painted surface, like a regularly painted car or plastic trim, Everbrite™ Coating is recommended because it has strong UV blockers to protect the color.

Can the vehicle be taken through car washes?

ProtectaClear will keep the stainless much easier to keep clean. It can easily be hand-washed using mild soap and water.   You could take your coated Cybertruck through car washes however, harsh chemicals, strong pressure or abrasive pads could damage the coating.  Some touchless car washes may be fine, however, avoid excessive water pressure.


How do I apply ProtectaClear on the vertical surfaces of my Cybertruck? 

To apply ProtectaClear on vertical surfaces, you simply wipe on the coating with the applicator provided with each order. Follow the instructions provided and ensure that the applicator is soaked but not dripping with coating.  If you use too much coating on the applicator, you could get a drip or sag, but they are easily wiped out while the coating is still wet, or with an additional coat. ProtectaClear has excellent adhesion on stainless steel and self-levels as it dries, so small bubbles, or wipe marks disappear. It is also self-annealing so if you miss an area, you can apply additional coating and it will blend to itself. 


How long do I wait until after application until I drive my Cybertruck?

You can drive your Cybertruck once ProtectaClear is dry to the touch, however, the coating will be delicate until fully cured which can take up to 4-5 days. Letting the Cybertruck sit in the warm sun will help cure the ProtectaClear faster. Alternatively, enclosing it in a garage with a heater will also help speed the curing process. It is important to allow ProtectaClear to dry to the touch at an even temperature before trying to force cure it. This allows the coating to self-level which eliminates streaking, bubbles, etc. 


If I decide to wrap my Cybertruck eventually, do I have to remove ProtectaClear?

Working with a local wrap installer we have determined that ProtectaClear does not need to be removed before wrapping the Cybertruck. In fact, many vinyl and PPF wraps adhere better to the protected surface than to the stainless steel directly. If removal is desired, ProtectaClear can be removed from unpainted metals with solvents like xylene or a xylene substitute. Wear personal protection and see removal instructions included with the kit. 


What if I don’t like the outcome?

ProtectaClear can be removed from unpainted metals with solvents like xylene or a xylene substitute. Wear personal protection. Wet a cloth or soft paper towels with the solvent completely. Move the wet cloth over the coated metal with light pressure. Rubbing hard is not advised. When the coating begins to “melt”, wipe it up and off of the surface. Repeat until the coating is removed.

Customer Reviews for Other Auto & Marine 

"Customer service was awesome. Called to confirm that Everbrite was the right product for my aluminum auto parts and the representative was very knowledgeable."

-Phil Mejia

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