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Restore Plastic Auto Trim

Everbrite™ Restores Hard Plastic and Faded Automotive Trim of any color

This gray wing mirror is cleaned but is still dull and oxidized. Everbrite™ was used to restore the top half of the plastic. Not just black trim but gray trim, beige trim and any color trim can be restored to look new again.

Everbrite™ is a clear, hard, protective coating that not only restores trims back to the original factory finish and feel, but also protects the trim with its unique built in fade stop formulation, preventing re-fading of the trim. With UV blockers and salt protection. Everbrite™ is guaranteed not to yellow. Everbrite™ is a crystal clear coating that remains flexible so it is also guaranteed not to crack or peel. Everbrite™ is long lasting and can be maintained indefinitely.

Simple 2 part process - WASH & COAT. Simply wash the surface with soapy water, use a soft brush in extreme conditions, allow to dry then apply the Everbrite™. Complete directions are included with every order.

Everbrite™ is also available in gloss finish. Everbrite™ is not sticky or oily. Once it is cured, it looks and feels like brand new trim.

Before & After

The Everbrite™ coating goes a long way and only needs to be applied sparingly. Despite appearances, a 4 oz. Everbrite™ will easily treat all the trim on at least two cars (usually more depending on the model and amount of trim that needs coating). Just apply sparingly, using an applicator pad or a lint-free cloth to work a small amount of the liquid over the plastic to result in a thin, even coating.

The shine will last for about a year or two on hard plastic and can be maintained indefinitely by recoating. Everbrite™ will blend to itself.

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"Yes.  It restored the faded black trim on my truck perfectly.  And it was very easy. Thanks."


-Allen H.

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