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Restore The Color and Luster of Your
Aluminum Window Frames

Everbrite restores dull, faded, and oxidized aluminum window frames to look like new, improving the look of your property.

We have helped thousands of contractors, landlords, and homeowners restore their sun faded and oxidized aluminum window frames for 20+ years.

Everbrite Clear Restoration Coating:

  • Provides UV protection against the harsh sun

  • Self levels when drying, making it easy to apply

  • Maintain the beautiful look of your windows indefinitely, by recoating every 5-10 years

Before - After - Bronze Anodized Aluminum
Anodized Aluminum Refurbished
Before - After Blue Windowframes
Before - After Orange Windowframes
Anodized Frame in Wet and Dry condition
Window Frame Before - After

Window Frame Kits

100 ft Kit

Everbrite Window Kit for 100 linear feet of window frames
Restore up to 100 linear feet of 3" wide aluminum window frames

375 ft Kit

Restore up to 375 linear feet of 3" wide aluminum window frames

Larger Kits Available


Damaged From
Stucco or Mortar?

Many contractors come to us to save their project after stucco and mortar ends up on brand new window frames.

Have Other
Aluminum Projects?

Our entire product line works on aluminum of all types.

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Anodized aluminum window frames and extrusions can fade and oxidize from exposure to the sun. Anodized aluminum can get ugly pits from salt corrosion if located near the ocean. The appearance of your home, business or storefront will be much improved if you clean and restore the color and luster of faded, dull or chalky aluminum window frames. 

Anodized aluminum extrusions come in clear anodized aluminum which has the look of bare aluminum. When the finish is removed by harsh chemicals, stucco or mortar, the aluminum can have white stains which ruin the look of the anodized aluminum. Click here if you have this problem. 

There are also many colors of aluminum which fade, chalk and look dull. Everbrite restores the color and luster and will rejuvenate the aluminum to look great again. 

There is an easy test to see if Everbrite will work to restore your aluminum.  Clean a small area by gently scrubbing with a few drops of detergent. Rinse well and observe the metal while it is still wet.  If the color and luster return, then Everbrite will restore the metal. 

Everbrite can also be used to refurbish and protect anodized aluminum curtain wall

No matter the color of the aluminum, EVERBRITE can renew the color and finish of powder-coated or anodized aluminum as long as it is not too damaged and will restore it to look new again.

Detailed instruction on how to apply EVERBRITE to your aluminum window frames

Click HERE if your windowframes have been damaged by stucco or mortar. 

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a solution that worked on my windows.  Order arrived this past week and followed your instructions and cannot tell you how wonderful it turned out! Covered great, flowed perfect, and best of all it performed as advertised. Yes. I paid for something that actually did what it was supposed to do for a change. That doesn't happen very often anymore and you've definitely got a return customer. Could not be happier with Everbrite."  - T. Baker, VA

"We got it , followed the directions, and the window frames look brand new again" - S. White, SC

"We received the product in good condition, we have already used it on our anodized aluminum windows and it worked wonderful. Very good product and very pleased!" - J. Bukovatz, MT

I used the product on 3 large aluminum windows on my house in Florida. They are heavy extruded metal and are very weathered. The product worked as advertised imparting a hard finish that dried quickly. It is perfect for this application. I think you would have a huge market here in Florida as it is sunny all the time and anodized aluminum is used everywhere. Great product. I'm glad you guys are there. Thanks,
- V. Smoral, FL

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