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How-To Clean and Refurbish Oxidized or Sun Faded Anodized Aluminum Window Frames.


Looking for information about aluminum stained or damaged from stucco or cement?

Anodized aluminum window frames and extrusions can fade and oxidize from exposure to the sun. Anodized aluminum can get ugly pits from salt corrosion if located near the ocean.  Even new anodized aluminum can be ruined by pitting or staining by stucco or mortar which ruins the protective finish.  

Your home, business or storefront will be much improved if you clean and restore the color and luster of faded, dull or chalky anodized aluminum window frames. 

Anodized aluminum extrusions come in clear anodized aluminum which has the look of bare aluminum. When the finish is removed by harsh chemicals, stucco or mortar, the aluminum can have white stains which ruin the look of the anodized aluminum.  There are also many colors of anodized aluminum which fade, chalk and look dull.  Everbrite will restore the color and luster and will rejuvenate the anodized aluminum to look great again. 

EVERBRITE Clear Restoration Coating will restore the color and luster on dull and faded anodized aluminum window frames and will protect them from oxidation, corrosion and other damaging elements.

Everbrite can also be used to refurbish and protect aluminum curtain wall.

What Do I need to restore my Window Frames?

An Everbrite Trial Kit will clean and restore about 25 square feet.


A Starter Kit will clean and restore about 150 square feet.

Looking for information about aluminum stained or damaged from stucco or cement?

  1. Clean the aluminum. The amount of cleaning will depend on the condition of the anodized aluminum. If the window frames or extruded anodized aluminum is just dull or faded, it can be washed with EZ Prep Concentrated Cleaner or mild soap and water. Microfiber cloths are not expensive and will clean the metal very effectively.  If the anodized aluminum is pitted or stained or has heavy oxidation, you might need a no-scratch cleanser like BonAmi (available at hardware or grocery stores).  A Prep Pad is much less mess and will not leave a powdered film on the metal.   Rinse well.  Let dry.  If any oxidation remains, wipe with clean cloth or microfiber cloth.
  2. Wipe down the anodized aluminum with denatured alcohol (not isopropyl - it leaves a film) or xylene (a cleaning solvent available at hardware stores).  Make sure to wear personal protection including nitrile or neoprene gloves.
  3. Apply Everbrite Protective Coating.  Everbrite can be wiped on with a lint free cloth, painted on with a natural brush or rolled on with a high-density foam roller. Everbrite will restore the color and luster of the anodized aluminum and will protect the metal from sun fading, oxidation, salt air corrosion, acid rain and other damaging elements.

Everbrite will self level to dry in a smooth, even protective coating.  Everbrite must be put on a clean, dry surface. 

Everbrite while still wet on anodized window frame.  Everbrite self levels as it dries.


More Pictures available with different colored aluminum

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