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Restore Copper Roofs
Restore and Protect Copper Roofs

Tips for Cleaning and Restoring Copper Roofs

Tips for Cleaning and Restoring Copper Roofs

Read and follow all directions. Here are some additional tips we have discovered and that our customers have shared that may help.

  • Clean off residue or road grime with a mild solution of bleach and water. Wet down the copper first, then use a 10% bleach solution to wash off the copper. The HD Copper Cleaning Gel will not work as well if there is oil or road grime on the copper.

  • Wear gloves when touching the copper. The acids and oils in your hands will leave dark fingerprints. This only adds more work to your job. Ask your contractors to wear gloves while handling the copper.

  • Go through the entire cleaning and neutralizing process and solvent wipe on one small area or one panel first. This way you can make sure you have the system down. Depending on conditions and environment, copper roofs can clean differently.

  • Make sure the copper is not too hot to touch comfortably with the back of your hand for 10 seconds. If it is, the cleaners and the Everbrite Coating will dry too quickly and will make your job more difficult.

  • If you have a lot of minerals or chemical additives in your water, there can be a reaction with the copper. Many people find that using distilled water fixes this problem.

  • Don't wash off the dark and dirty gel with a hose or the dark gel can get on other surfaces and stain. Instead, wipe off with paper towels or old rags first to remove most of the dirty gel.

  • Make sure the rags or cloths used for washing, neutralizing or for the application of the coating have NOT been laundered with fabric softener. The residue can streak the copper.

  • The copper cleaning gel is water-based and can get thick. Thin by mixing in a little water. You can use a kitchen whisk. The ingredients are food grade and will wash off the utensils used.

  • The Gel does not have an indefinite shelf life as it is organic without preservatives. Plan on using the gel within 6 months or so of receiving it. If it gets a little thick, it can be thinned with a little water. Just mix it in with a whisk or a paintbrush.

  • On larger roofs, sanding or soda blasting will take a lot less time. 

  • Using copper polish is NOT recommended on copper roofs because the copper on old copper roofs is rough and the polish can cause dark areas that can be difficult to remove.  Everbrite Restoration Kits with Gel are recommended for older copper roofs.

  • Once the copper looks the way you want it, neutralize to stop the acid from working, rinse, dry and solvent wipe to ensure a completely clean and dry surface. Then, apply 2 to 3 coats of Everbrite Coating to keep your copper from tarnishing.

  • The Everbrite Coating does have an indefinite shelf life in a closed container so it is good for years.

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