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Visible Cleanliness

Break Free from the Hassle of Cleaning your Copper Sink!

Frustrated with Constantly Cleaning Tarnish & Waterspots?  You are not alone. 

Cleaning copper sinks can be a daunting task often creating frustration and resentment. People end up hating their copper sinks and want to rip them out! Trying to maintain your beautiful copper sink seems like an endless battle. Polished copper sinks tarnish and discolor quickly. Copper sinks with patina stains can get bright spots from acidic foods. Water spots ruin the look of your sinks turning them into dull, discolored eyesores. 

With CrobialCoat®, you can finally break free from the burden of constant cleaning.  The once labor-intensive task of constantly polishing and scrubbing becomes a thing of the past.  CrobialCoat® is a durable clear protective coating that shields copper sinks from tarnish and discoloration. It also contains strong anti-microbial agents to help eliminate bacteria, mold, and odor-causing microbes. The result is a copper sink that not only looks stunning but also maintains a hygienic environment in the kitchen or bathroom. This liberation allows you to reclaim your time and energy for more enjoyable pursuits.  Say goodbye to the frustration and resentment of constantly cleaning and embrace the joy that CrobialCoat® brings! 

Copper kitchen double sink with hammered finish protected with ProtectaClear
Copper_Sink_Michelle_Crooks1 (1).jpg

ProtectaClear® + Antimicrobial Technology = CrobialCoat®

ProtectaClear® has been used for years to protect copper sinks but now is available with a strong anti-microbial to help protect from bacteria that cause stains and odors.  CrobialCoat® is highly recommended for additional protection from microbes and bacteria that can build up on copper kitchen and bath sinks. Not only will your sinks look new, they will also be protected from odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. CrobialCoat Kits will restore tarnished copper sinks to look new & will protect your sinks from tarnish, waterspots, microbes and bacteria buildup.  Keep your kitchen and bath copper sinks looking new & 99% cleaner with CrobialCoat®! You can also protect your faucets, handrails & other items in your bathroom from bacteria build-up. 

Rave Reviews for Copper Sinks

Everyone who has seen the sinks just LOVES them. Thanks for such a good product.

Iva M. Raton NM


What do I need for my new sinks or sinks with patina?

For Bath Sinks or Small Sinks
For Kitchen Sinks or Multiple Sinks

What do I need for my polished sinks that are lightly tarnished?

What do I need for my polished sinks that are lightly tarnished?

For Bath Sinks or Small Sinks
For Kitchen Sinks or Multiple Sinks
For Kitchen Sinks or Multiple Sinks

What do I need for my sinks with heavy tarnish?

For Bath Sinks or Small Sinks
For Kitchen Sinks or Multiple Sinks
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