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HD Gel Copper Cleaner -
Easy Cleaner for Heavy Tarnish on Copper.
Paint it On, Scrub Clean, Wipe off, Rinse with Water.

Copper Caps cleaned with HD Copper Cleaning Gel and protected with Everbrite

HD Gel Copper Cleaner.
Environmentally Friendly, Heavy Duty Copper Cleaner.
Use on Copper Roofs, Gutters, Copper Hoods, Fireplaces & other copper that is tough to clean with regular polish.
  • HD Gel Copper Cleaner is a unique solution which has been blended specifically to remove tarnish and oxides from copper based metals.
  • HD Gel Copper Cleaner will cling on copper roofs, copper walls or other copper preventing run-off. Stays where you paint it until you are ready to wash it off.
  • HD Gel Copper Cleaner is strong enough to restore tarnished and stained copper back to it's original copper shine - but is also environmentally safe as well - non-toxic, non-hazardous - it will not harm shrubs or plants in flower beds!

Click here for pdf instructions to print or download

Just paint on HD Gel and let it work. Scrub stubborn tarnish with synthetic steel wool.
Wipe gel off then rinse with water.

One pint will clean about 15-20 square feet. Also available in Half Gallon Containers.

HD Gel is an acid based cleaner that needs to be neutralized before coating with Everbrite Coating.
This can be done by washing the copper with EZ-Prep Neutralizer or baking soda and water.

Polish alone will not clean these copper deck caps.

Tarnished Copper Cap that polish will not clean

Apply the HD Copper Cleaning Gel with a brush to the thickness of a thick paint. If thinner Gel is desired, a small amount of water can be mixed in. Be careful not to mix in too much water so the Gel doesn't drip.

Apply Copper Cleaning Gel with a Brush

Let the gel work. Be patient. The gel is not extremely aggressive but is highly effective with time. After about 60 minutes, test with the enclosed scrubber to see if the tarnish is "melted" and ready to remove. The cooler the temperature, the longer the gel will take to work. If the gel starts to dry, it can be refreshed by agitating with a brush that is wet with water.
Note test in bottom corner of picture below.

Copper Tarnish being removed with HD Copper Cleaning Gel

After the tarnish is "melted", remove the gel with paper towels. 
Any remaining tarnish can be removed by scrubbing with a synthetic steel wool pad (with the grain of the copper).

Remove the tarnish remover and the tarnish

Polishing the copper with MAAS polish will shine the copper but is optional.
If you have a copper roof or do not want a polished surface, polishing can be skipped.
Polishing copper roofs is not recommended because the copper is rough and the polish discolors the metal.

Neutralize the copper

The Gel is a mild acid and MUST be neutralized with EZ-Prep neutralizer or baking soda and water.
Rinse with plain water. Dry to prevent water spotting.

Polish with Maas Polish to shine copper

Wash off the copper polish with a drop of mild soap or EZ-Prep Neutralizer and water. Rinse with plain water and dry.

Wash off Polish Residue

Before and After Cleaning - Not Coated Yet

After the copper is cleaned and neutralized, wipe with solvent
(Xylene or denatured alcohol solvents are available at hardware stores - sorry we cannot ship the solvent for the final wipe)
to remove any residue. This will ensure a completely clean surface so the coating will adhere properly.

Wipe cleaned, neutralized copper with solvent to remove residue.

Apply Everbrite Clear Protective Coating to protect the copper from tarnish and oxidation.
Two coats are highly recommended. The picture below shows the before and after deck caps.
The caps on the right have been sealed and protected with Everbrite.

ENJOY the beauty of your restored copper.

Copper Gel Kit Small with Polish

HD Gel Copper Cleaner Small Kit - With Polish Copper Cleaning Gel Pint, 2 oz. Maas Polish, 4 oz. EZ-Prep Neutralizer and 4 oz. Everbrite Coating. Clean and seal 25 square feet of copper.

HD Gel Copper Cleaner Small Kit - No Polish
Copper Cleaning Gel Pint, 4 oz. EZ-Prep Neutralizer and 4 oz. Everbrite Coating. Clean and seal 25 square feet of copper.

Larger Kits Available - With and Without Polish.

Below is the HD Gel which is available by itself. However, we strongly recommend sealing your copper with Everbrite. Copper that is not sealed will tarnish again quickly.

Pint of Copper Cleaning Gel. Cleans copper. Won't hurt plants.

HD Gel Copper Cleaner Pint in a wide mouth jar. $14.95 plus shipping.

HD Gel Copper Cleaner Half Gallon Wide-mouth Jar. $39.95 plus shipping.

HD copper cleaner
worked like a charm !!

Below is your product on copper gutters (test on customers gutters--now he wants the job done) -I put hardly any on and rubbed it some - but for the work I put in the product does it all.
Sean S Stiles

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