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Do you want to Keep Your Beautiful Copper Jewelry Shiny and New
or Protect the Patina?

Copper Cuff by Daniel Cote

Tired of Copper Jewelry making your skin dark?

Tired of cleaning your Copper Jewelry every time you wear it?

Copper jewelry is gorgeous but it is frustrating to keep polished and copper jewelry can make skin darken or discolor on some people. Stop tarnish on your copper bracelets, copper earrings, copper necklaces and other copper jewelry.

ProtectaClear is a clear, protective coating that is easy to apply but is tough enough to protect jewelry and is safe for wear against skin. ProtectaClear is easy to apply, dries quickly, is tough and durable and will keep your copper jewelry shiny and beautiful. ProtectaClear is NOT a lacquer that will darken or yellow. ProtectaClear will keep your copper jewelry looking freshly polished and will prevent tarnish.

ProtectaClear protects polished copper and coppers with patinas as well as plated copper and other metals as well.

Case Study: This wrapped copper and silver bracelet was coated with ProtectaClear and worn every day by a woman whose skin has always discolored when wearing copper. After 6 weeks of daily wearing, there was no wear on the metal and no darkening or discoloration of the skin.

Prevent Tarnish and Skin Darkening for Copper Jewelry

Stop Tarnish, Oxidation and Discolored Skin and Enjoy the Beauty.

  • Is ProtectaClear safe on jewelry to be worn on skin? Yes, ProtectaClear is safe on skin and is even food safe once it is cured. ProtectaClear can take up to 4 days to completely cure or it can be speed cured by putting metal that has been coated and dried to touch in a low temperature oven (180 degrees F) for at least an hour.

  • Can ProtectaClear be used on metals with patina? Yes, ProtectaClear will seal and protect patina as well.

  • Can ProtectaClear be used on Filigree Jewelry? Yes, you can dip the jewelry or use an aerosol can of ProtectaClear to coat filigree jewelry. If the filigree is very tight, you can just blow it gently to break the surface tension of the coating so it adheres to the metal.

Filigree Jewelry coated with ProtectaClear

ProtectaClear will seal and protect metal from tarnish, oxidation, corrosion, salt air and other damaging elements. It's easy to apply. Self-Leveling. ProtectaClear is not a lacquer or a thick plastic coating which can detract from the beauty of the metal. ProtectaClear is very natural looking and will make the metal look like it is just polished.

We now carry MAAS metal cleaners which will bring out the brilliance of the metal before sealing and protecting with ProtectaClear. One advantage to using MAAS cleaners is that they are NOT acid based and do NOT need to be neutralized before sealing with ProtectaClear.

Click here for a pdf of jewelry instructions to print or download

ProtectaClear Kit Plus MAAS Polish will restore your brass hardware
ProtectaClear Kit with MAAS Polish - Polish & Protect about 25 sq.ft.

Don't need the polish?

ProtectaClear 4 oz. can will cover about 25 square feet

ProtectaClear is available without polish or cleaners. 4 oz. can shown. Pints, Quarts & Gallons also available.

Larger Kits of ProtectaClear also available.

I have been using the Protectaclear to coat copper and brass jewelry that I make. It works great. I leave a lot of my pieces the pure copper or brass color and the Protectaclear keeps them nice & shiny - no sign of oxidation at all. I also patina pieces & use the product to maintain the patina coloration. It works well for that as well. I am going to try it on some sterling pieces as well.
I have recommended your product to other jewelry makers that I know. You have developed a great product with many, varied uses. Thanks and enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Debbie M. Irvine, PA

I certainly have used ProtectaClear and it seems to be working like a charm! Thank you! I simply have several different pieces of copper jewelry that were becoming tarnished every single time that I wore them. Thanks to your product, I can now wear them every day without worry . . . they look bright and shiny the entire day, every day

Molly Zimmerman

I have started using ProtectaClear and it works great. I make altered art jewelry and Florentine the back of pendants and earrings. In the past before using the ProtectaClear, the backs began to tarnish pretty quickly. The ProtectaClear has stopped that tarnishing/oxidation. To test it I've worn a pendant in the shower over and over and the back where it is florentined looks as good as when it was first etched. You've got a great product!

Bob Krakow Desert Artisan

I make metal copper jewelry. I like working in copper, although it tarnishes much faster than silver. I have tried numerous things to stop the tarnishing.
Including plain old copper polish, wax, and spray lacquer.
None of them have given me consistent results that I could count on and was happy with.
Since I sell my earrings, I need something that I know will last. So I used your "ProtectaClear" coating on my earrings. Before using it, I sanded and polished my earring in the traditional way ( sand paper & buffing compound). Then, after washing with soap & water , and a final buff on a clean wheel. I then hang them from a scrap piece of wire.
I then dunked them in Xylene, just to be sure they were perfectly clean. I dried them off, and dunked them this time in your " Protect A Clear" that I had poured into a larger glass jar.
As my earrings very often have cut out areas, I found that you have to use a foam brush and just touch the earring to it, to either help soak a drip up, or break the thin films that form, bridging a cut out area. After a minute or so, I just hang them to dry. Although I found I need to keep an eye on them for another couple of minutes to check on drips, etc.
I will say that your product was described on your website as " self leveling" and it definitely is.
As long as you don't wait too long to touch them up, the final result comes out pretty nice ( IMHO).
I like your product & will continue using it.
Thanks for developing it- it answered a problem I was having. Cheers,
Patty S.

I tested ProtectaClear out on a copper chainmaille bracelet I made. I made two, dipped one wore one with and one without it for a couple of weeks. The one without turned and not in a pretty way thanks to the wonderful not so sunny right now but still hot and humid South Florida weather. The one coated with ProtectaClear is still as bright and shiny as a new penny. I just wrote about ProtectaClear to all my fellow Jewelers in the Yahoo Wire Wrap Jewelry group and have become a die hard fan!

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