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Durable Silver Protection

How to Keep Silver from Tarnishing?

How to keep silver from tarnishing? The answer will surprise you.
You coat it.
You apply 1-4 thin coats (depending on the surface) of hypoallergenic, food-safe when cured, 21st century polymer resin that is used by churches, museums, jewelry makers, artists and thousands of silver owners.
Your silver will never need polishing again. You're done. 
Here's where you can buy it.

Silver tea and coffee set with platter shining like new protected with ProtectaClear

Traditional, Less Effective Ways to Keep Silver from Tarnishing

If you prefer the traditionally shared methods for how to keep silver from tarnishing, we’ll share those too. Just know that these are only somewhat effective and have some disadvantages.

Important Note: If you keep using methods that do not fully stop your silver or silver-plated possessions from tarnishing you will be polishing your silver over and over. You can eventually polish right through layers of your silver or literally polish off all of the silver plating.

Airtight Storage: 

Traditionalists have often resorted to storing silver in airtight containers to shield it from the detrimental effects of air and moisture. While this method does provide a certain level of protection, it comes at the cost of not being able to admire your silver on a regular basis.


Anti-Tarnish Cloths: 

Anti-tarnish cloths or strips have been a go-to for many silver enthusiasts. These cloths are designed to absorb and neutralize tarnish-inducing compounds, offering a protective layer. However, the inconvenience arises when you must constantly wrap and unwrap your silver for use.



Chalk has long been used as a desiccant to absorb moisture and prevent tarnish. While it can be effective to absorb moisture, it lacks precision in targeting specific areas and may not provide comprehensive protection. Just removing moisture does not stop the tarnish.

These traditional methods involve hiding your silver away in airtight containers or spending hours polishing it to restore its luster.   But what if there was a better way?

Use ProtectaClear to Stop Silver from Tarnishing


Enter ProtectaClear® – the revolutionary solution to keep your silver looking pristine without the need for constant maintenance. Unlike other methods, ProtectaClear is a practically invisible coating that acts as a barrier against tarnish. No more hidden silver, no more hours of polishing – just a radiant shine that lasts for years.

ProtectaClear® is:

  • Easy to apply

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Safe for use around food when cured

  • Extremely durable, providing scratch and abrasion resistance.

  • Highly resistant to corrosion. Prevents tarnish and oxidation from salt water, salt air, acid rain, etc.

  • Indefinite Shelf Life in a closed container.

  • Guaranteed to not chip, crack, peel or yellow.

  • Dries Quickly. No residual smell after just 1-Hour.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • One Part Coating – No Mixing, No Waste.

  • Self-leveling – No brush or applicator marks are visible if properly applied.

  • Self-annealing and is easy to maintain or to remove and re-coat, even years later.

  • Formulated for use on Non-Painted, Polished or Plated Metals. Copper, Brass, Silver, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Bronze, Aluminum, Alloys and more.


ProtectaClear can keep your silver tea set from tarnishing, keep your 925 silver from tarnishing, and keep your silver candlesticks from tarnishing. It will keep silver from tarnishing after you clean it.

The problem with traditional methods is that they rob you of the joy of daily admiration. Who wants to keep their silver under wraps, only to unveil it tarnished and in need of extensive polishing? Constant polishing not only consumes your time but can also wear away the delicate layers, especially on plated silver items.


ProtectaClear changes the game by offering a simple and effective solution. This invisible coating is easy to apply and ensures the preservation of your cherished silver items. Whether it's Grandma's silver tea set, a vintage champagne bucket, or antique candlesticks – ProtectaClear allows you to proudly display them without the fear of tarnish.


Worried about the safety of your silver jewelry or antique silver items? No worries! ProtectaClear is skin-safe and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for use on jewelry. It's also safe around food, ensuring that your grandmother's tea service can be used proudly and safely.


Enjoy your silver for generations to come with ProtectaClear – the key to maintaining its timeless allure without the need for anti-tarnish cloths or constant polishing. Applying ProtectaClear is a breeze – simply polish your silver to the desired look and then apply this self-leveling coating with ease using a small, natural bristled brush, an applicator, or even a convenient aerosol can.


Don't let tarnish keep you from showcasing the brilliance of your silver. Choose ProtectaClear and unlock the full potential of your cherished silver possessions!


Buy ProtectaClear today.

Silver looks great when it is freshly polished but tarnishes easily. Keep Silver Brilliant with ProtectaClear.



Tarnished silver bowl with green and black tarnish with an intricate pattern
Silver bowl polished and protected from tarnish with ProtectaClear
Silver nut bowl that is almost black from tarnish.
Silver polished with ProtectaClear.jpg

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Buy Protectaclear to seal silver to stop tarnish and fingerprints.
Buy Protectaclear to seal silver to stop tarnish and fingerprints.

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Customer Reviews for Silver

"ProtectaClear helped my silver set sell on Ebay. Thanks. " 


-Greg Porter

Seal with ProtectaClear and never have to polish your silver again.
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