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High Touch Surface Protection

How to Restore Rusty Metal and Prevent Metal from Rusting

Rust is damaging to metal and can corrode metal to weaken the metal. Everbrite Coatings can help to protect metals from rusting by sealing out moisture and air.  Everbrite Coatings have strong anti-corrosion additives to stop rust.

Stainless steel pool metal that is rusty

Rust can ruin metal - even stainless steel. Chlorine and salt from pools will rust and corrode metal. 

Stainless Steel rail restored with ProtectaClear anti-rust coating

The rust was cleaned up and ProtectaClear has kept the rust from returning for over 5 years.

Stop rust and corrosion on metal with Everbrite Coatings.

All metal that contains any amount of iron, including stainless steel will rust unless protected from the elements.  Salt, chlorines and weather all damage metal and can cause metal to rust and corrode.  Air and moisture are damaging to metals and make unprotected metal rust and corrode.

Everbrite Coatings are tough and durable clear coatings that will seal metal to protect from rusting and corrosion.  The coatings are self-annealing so they will blend to themselves, allowing them to be maintained indefinitely.  The length of time between maintenance coats will depend on the use or abuse that the metal gets.  Heavily used metal may need a maintenance coat once a year but decorative metal may last for many years before needing to be recoated. 


Choose Everbrite Coating to prevent rust on steel, galvanized metal, architectural metal, painted and unpainted metal. Gates, railings, patio furniture, panels or lights are just a few items that can be protected from rust as well as automotive metals.   


Choose ProtectaClear to stop rust on stainless steel or high-use metals. Hand-railings, stainless steel grills, chrome, appliances and other highly polished or high-use metals are just some of the items that can be protected from rust.  

If you want rust protection but also want anti-microbial protection in bathrooms or other high-touch areas, choose CrobialCoat®.  CrobialCoat combines the tough anti-rust protection of ProtectaClear with anti-microbial technology for strong protection of metal. 

All three coatings are anti-rust and anti-corrosion clear coatings that will inhibit rust and will protect metal from corrosion and rust. 

Rusty stainless steel railing near a marina
Stainless steel railing protected with ProtectaClear looking shiny

If the metal already has surface rust, you can clean off the rust mechanically by sanding it or chemically with a rust remover like ERW-XL Rust Remover.  Once the rust is removed and the metal looks the way you want it, Everbrite Coating or ProtectaClear will seal the metal and help prevent future rust.

If stainless steel is already corroded or rusty, clean the surface with ERW-XL Rust Remover or a no-scratch cleanser, Scotch-Brite pad or very fine sandpaper, cleaning with the grain. Wash off the residue with EZ-Prep Cleaner, solvent wipe and then ProtectaClear® or CrobialCoat®  can be painted on with a natural bristle brush, rolled on with high-density foam rollers, applied with a clear-coat applicator or sprayed on with paint sprayers. The cleanser step is not recommended for use on mirror finishes. If the stainless steel is not corroded, the cleanser or sanding step can be skipped. If there is oil or wax on the stainless, it must be removed prior to coating.

Rusty metal on bench ruins the look of metal
Stainless steel being cleaned with ERW-XL Rust Remover
ProtectaClear being applied to clean metal to stop further rusting
Metal bench protected with ProtectaClear to stop further rusting.

This stainless steel on a bench was rusty and corroded.  The rust was cleaned off with ERW-XL Rust Remover, neutralized, solvent wiped to ensure a completely clean and dry surface.  Then, ProtectaClear was applied to prevent rust from forming again.  ProtectaClear anti-rust protection will keep the bench rust free.  

Pool Railing1.jpg

Even extremely rusted metal can be cleaned and protected with the ProtectaClear system.  Clean off the rust and protect the metal from future rust.  The area protected with ProtectaClear on the right is clean and the rest of the metal has corrosion and rust.  

Do you live near the ocean? Living by the ocean is wonderful, walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets and other special reasons why you love the ocean. Unfortunately, salt air causes ugly corrosion, rust and pitting on metal. You can stop the rust, and make your property more valuable.

Do you drive through chlorides on roadways? Want to protect your wheels, truck, and more from corrosion?

Everbrite™, ProtectaClear® and CrobialCoat® will prevent salt corrosion, oxidation and damage on fixtures, tools, boats, window frames, fishing gear, diving gear and much more. Brush on, roll on, use an applicator, or spray on with a paint sprayer. One part, Self-leveling, crystal clear coating will protect from rust and corrosion. ProtectaClear®  will not dull the shine of highly polished wheels, chrome, aluminum or other metal.

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