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How to Use the Rust Remover

*Read all directions thoroughly before beginning.*

Always use clean equipment. Do not use with other cleaners.


For heavy soil or rust use as supplied. May be diluted with as much as a 5:1 ratio with water depending on degree of soiling.


1. Apply Rust Remover with a brush. Allow to dwell. Do not let the rust remover dry on the

surface. Re-wet if necessary.
2. Check after 15-20 minutes to see if the rust is removed. To check a small area, agitate the

rust remover on the surface with a brush or Prep Pad going with the direction of the grain to remove the rust in the grooves of the stainless steels. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary until rust is removed.

3. Rinse well. Once the rust is removed, rinse off with fresh water. Use a brush to aid in rinsing as needed. Rinse twice.

4. Neutralize immediately (See attached directions). The Rust Remover is acid based; the surface must be neutralized. Follow the attached directions beginning with Neutralize, then Solvent Wipe & Applying Coating.

Product Information Sheet for Rust Remover


• Free of oxalic acid - uses new technology • Very quick and effective
• Thick and foams so it clings - easy to use. • Stays wet for a long time

• Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny • Effective in hard or soft water
• Does not form white deposit with hard water • Easily applied by brush

• Lifts off ordinary soil and grime • Removes oil and grease

Safety & Environment

• Irritant under EU legislation
• Uses biodegradable surfactants
• Phosphate free
• Does not contain, NTA, EDTA or HEDTA • Oxalic acid free
• Does not use alkyl phenol ethoxylates

Packing and Shipping Information

Non-hazardous for shipment by air, sea, rail and road. Appearance: Clear thick liquid
Colour: Tan
Odor: Cherry

S.G.: 1.07
pH (concentrate) : 0.44
(10% v/v) : 1.24
Foam: Medium
Surfactants Non-ionic, ethoxylated alcohol, and glycoside.
Antistatic, glossing aid Cationic

Hazard Identification

Risk & Safety: Irritating to eyes and skin. Wear personal protection.
Hazard Symbols: Xi
First-aid Measures

Inhalation: Not applicable
Eyes: Irrigate with water for at least 15 minutes. Skin: Rinse contaminated area with plenty of water. Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water. Give plenty of water to drink.
Consult the Safety Data Sheet for full Health and Safety information

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