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How to Protect Your Beautiful Jewelry -
Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Metal Clay, Nickel, Plated and More...

Copper bracelets with patina protected with ProtectaClear.

Stop Tarnish, Fading, Allergies and Skin Discoloration even on Plated Metals

We know that copper, brass and silver jewelry is gorgeous but it is frustrating to keep polished and jewelry with patinas can fade without protection. Many jewelry designers and manufacturers are using less expensive metals these days but have problems with tarnish, fingerprints and skin discoloration & skin allergies.

Here are some actual jewelry pieces that are protected with ProtectaClear.
The pictures have been sent to us by the creators and owners of the jewelry.
Wirewrap pendant coated with ProtectaClear
Metal Clay jewelry coated with ProtectaClear
Cuff bracelet protected with ProtectaClear
Wirewrap stone coated with ProtectaClear
Copper Cuff by Daniel Cote
Earrings with patina with ProtectaClear

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Thousands of jewelry designers, manufacturers and owners solve the following problems with ProtectaClear. They are now confident that their customers will be happy with the quality of their jewelry. ProtectaClear is a skin-safe, anti-tarnish clear coating that is practically invisible and will protect your jewelry from tarnish, oxidation and fading. It will also make jewelry hypoallergenic and will help prevent metal allergies.

  • ● Copper, Brass, Silver and Wire-wrapped jewelry needs protection from tarnish and fingerprints.
  • ● Metal Clay jewelry needs protection.
  • ● Copper jewelry can make skin darken and discolor.
  • ● Gold plated jewelry can wear down to the base metal.

ProtectaClear is a practically invisible, clear protective coating that will solve these problems. All the pieces above are coated with ProtectaClear to prevent tarnish and oxidation and preserve the beautiful colors. ProtectaClear is skin safe once it is cured.

ProtectaClear will:

  • ● Stop tarnish and oxidation on jewelry.
  • ● Preserve Patinas from discoloring and wearing off.
  • ● Protect plated metals from wearing off.
  • ● Seal metal and stop skin discoloration and allergies.

ProtectaClear is a clear, protective coating that is easy to apply but is tough enough to protect jewelry and is safe for wear against skin. ProtectaClear is practically invisible once applied, dries quickly and will seal and protect jewelry from tarnish, oxidation, and corrosion. ProtectaClear can be applied on jewelry by spraying, brushing or by dipping. It is really a personal preference. ProtectaClear is available by itself or in Kits with Polish

Jewelry Products

ProtectaClear Only

ProtectaClear will seal your jewelry Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear

ProtectaClear with Polish Kits

Choose various sizes of Kits with Polish

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Combo Kit with Aerosol


Is ProtectaClear safe on jewelry to be worn on skin?

Yes, ProtectaClear is safe on skin and is used by many jewelery designers. ProtectaClear will protect the copper as well as the skin of the wearer from discoloration. ProtectaClear is practically invisible and is used on polished copper and even copper with patina on it. ProtectaClear is tough and scratch resistant, once it is cured.

Can I use ProtectaClear on my jewelry with Patina?

Yes, ProtectaClear will look great with patinas like Liver of Sulfer and other patinas also. Just solvent wipe and apply ProtectaClear to protect the patina.

Can ProtectaClear be used on Filigree Jewelry?

Yes, you can dip the jewelry or use an aerosol can of ProtectaClear to coat filigree jewelry. If the filigree is very tight, you can just blow it gently to break the surface tension of the coating so it adheres to the metal. Some people use canned air to blow out the coating from tiny holes.

Can ProtectaClear be used on Stones or Minerals?

Yes, ProtectaClear can be used on stones and minerals and will enhance the look. However, delicate gems like pearls or opals should not be coated with anything. Also, coating soft plastic beads or non-metalic stringing material is not recommended.

Can ProtectaClear be removed from stones or minerals?

Yes, ProtectaClear can be removed if necessary with a Q-tip using a solvent such as Xylene.

Can ProtectaClear ruin my jewelry?

No, ProtectaClear is completely reversible. The coating can be soaked off or wiped off with a solvent like xylene or acetone without harming the metal or stones.

How to Easily Protect your Jewelry - And your skin too!

Whether your jewelry is brand new or antique, protecting it is easy with ProtectaClear.

Wirewrap pendant coated with ProtectaClear

New Jewelry, Jewelry with Patina or Jewelry that does NOT need polishing:

  1. Solvent wipe with xylene, denatured alcohol or 100% acetone to ensure a completely clean surface
  2. Apply ProtectaClear with a brush, dip or spray. ProtectaClear is self leveling for a smooth finish.

Tarnished Jewelry or Jewelry that needs Polishing:

  1. Polish.We recommend Maas polish since it shines to a brilliant shine and is acid-free. Maas is included with our ProtectaClear polishing kits. If an acid based polish is used, the acid must be neutralized. You can use baking soda and water or EZ-Prep.
  2. Solvent wipe with xylene, denatured alcohol or 100% acetone to ensure a completely clean surface.
  3. Apply ProtectaClear with a brush, dip or spray. ProtectaClear is self leveling for a smooth finish.

See Customer Reviews!

Pendant with Patina with ProtectaClear

As a jewelry designer, I work solely in brass, inks, acrylic and enamel paints. I was very frustrated when I would complete a clean vibrant piece of jewelry and it would turn dark and the inks would loose the luminence that I intended. One of my brass component suppliers suggested I try ProtectaClear and I was just thrilled with the results. The color mediums I use keep its freshness and the brass stays clean, bright and tarnish free. I sell my jewelry with confidence knowing that it will stay beautiful over time.

Susan M Collett
Wallowa Mountain Studio
Joseph, Oregon

Case Study: This wrapped copper and silver bracelet was coated with ProtectaClear and worn every day by a woman whose skin has always discolored when wearing copper. After 6 weeks of daily wearing, there is no wear on the metal and no darkening or discoloration of the skin.

Copper Jewlery Coated with Everbrite

These belt buckles have been protected with ProtectaClear to prevent tarnish and wear. ProtectaClear does not detract from the intricate detail of the metal.

Belt Buckles Coated with Everbrite

ProtectaClear is very natural looking and will make the metal look like it is just polished. ProtectaClear can also be used to protect metals with patinas or plated metals.

Brown's Jewlery Before

I have used ProtectaClear and once I learn how to hang the product after I have coated it I will be very Happy. I strung the beads on a piece of copper wire dipped them and then hung them upside-down. I used bead spacers in-between the beads and that did not work all that well. Dipping the beads works OK but then Instead of hanging them end to end to dry I need to space them and turn the copper wire so they hang, as on a coat hanger. ProtectaClear does put on a great shine and I will use it on a lot of my designs. Thanks!

Janine Brown

Brown's Jewlery

ProtectaClear can be used to protect jewelry that has patina from Liver of Sulfer and other patina's or even flamed copper. Here is a picture of silver beads which one bead has been treated with Liver of Sulfer.

Can you tell which bead is coated with ProtectaClear?

silver beads with liver of sulpher, one sealed with ProtectaClear

(The bead on the right is coated)

I tried ProtectaClear on some earrings and was pretty impressed. Since I sell my earrings, I need something that I know will last. So I used your "ProtectaClear" coating on my earrings. I will say that your product was described on your website as " self leveling" and it definitely is. The final result comes out pretty nice (IMHO). I like your product & will continue using it.Thanks for developing it - ProtectaClear answered a problem I was having. Cheers.

Patty S.- Sew Tec

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Thanks to Out on a Whim for the following pictures of jewelry coated with ProtectaClear.

Do you have a problem with skin discoloration or allergies from your jewelry? ProtectaClear will seal the metal and prevent skin discoloration. After the coating is completely dry, it is skin safe and will protect both your skin and your jewelry. Read more...

Jewelry by Kathryn Designs given away at 2013 Emmys - Coated with ProtectaClear

ProtectaClear is practically invisible but will protect both the metal and your skin.

Jewelry Products

ProtectaClear Only

ProtectaClear will seal your jewelry Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear

ProtectaClear with Polish Kits

Choose various sizes of Kits with Polish

Not Sure?

Combo Kit with Aerosol

What Do I need to Protect my Jewelry and my Skin?

ProtectaClear 4 oz. will seal and protect about 25 Square Feet.

Need Polish Also?

ProtectaClear Kit Plus MAAS Polish will restore your brass hardware

ProtectaClear Kit with MAAS Polish - Polish & Protect 25 SF.

Larger ProtectaClear Kits available.

I have used the ProtectaClear coating I purchased from you recently. Your coating product did exactly what I wanted it to do with my jewelry items which was coat and protect them fabulously! Thank you for a prompt delivery and great easy to use product. Respectfully, De'Andrea P. ~~Walks In Spirit Creations~~.

"I use ProtectaClear as a coating and stiffening for my (small beads) beaded jewelry, specifically earrings. The product was recommended by a designer, in one of her YouTube videos, for use to stiffen small beads woven together; thereby preserving the shape of the design so it does not collapse over time due to use. Dipping the piece into ProtectaClear, then allowing it to cure over at least 24 hours, provides the desired outcome and maintains the shape of the jewelry. I was truly excited how well the product worked after my first attempt and I continue to use it for other designs. The instructions are clear, concise, and followed to the "letter" and I have had fantastic results! I am thrilled with this product! Thank you for your product and follow up." Jamie Y.

"My Protectaclear arrived quickly. I use 2 coats on my handmade hammered copper bracelets to maintain the liver of sulfur patina and also to prevent the wearers' wrists from turning green! I also use it on stacking copper rings and scarf rings that I make. Thanks for providing a product that puts just the right finishing touch on my copper jewelry!" Vicki D. Santa Rosa, CA

"Thanks for quick service in sending. This was a birthday gift for a friend to use for stiffening bead work. ProtectaClear works great and I've been happy with the results on my bead work." Bonnie T.

Yes, my order did arrive!! And very quickly too! I absolutely LOVE your product and use it on all my jewelry. Thank you for your excellent customer service! Thanks, Gretchen

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