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How can I stop my skin turning color from my jewelry?

Whether you have copper, brass, silver, gold, bronze, nickel, or other metal jewelry, ProtectaClear can help! It stops tarnish, fading, allergy related skin discoloration, even on plated metals

Jewelry can darken the skin for a number of reasons. We know that copper, brass and silver jewelry is gorgeous, but it is frustrating to keep polished. So many jewelry designers and manufacturers are using less expensive metals these days which often creates tarnish, fingerprints and skin discoloration. Many people are allergic to nickel and have a problem with jewelry made with nickel.  

Jewelry can darken and stain your skin for a number of reasons. Tarnished jewelry can cause darkening on your skin. Some cosmetics contain chemical compounds that can cause metallic abrasion. Very tiny particles of the metal jewelry can be left on clothes and skin causing darkening. 

Changes in your body chemistry may cause a reaction between your skin and the jewelry that you’re wearing. This is because of the presence of sulfur/sulfides and amino acids that could be found in perspiration. The acidic nature of your sweat will often cause discolorations to skin touching jewelry.

Your body chemistry is one of the main factors that will make your skin react with your jewelry. This may change as a result of hormonal changes, particularly during adolescence. Chemotherapy or the use of certain medications such as antibiotics can also affect your body’s chemistry. The components in some of the cosmetics that you use, such as creams and lotions, can accelerate the tarnishing of silver or lower karat gold jewelry.

Skin discoloration happens when too much acid in your body causes your skin to react with your jewelry. Silver and gold jewelry can turn your skin color green, not because of the type of jewelry you wore or how expensive (or inexpensive) the piece may be, but it is because of the high level of acidity in your body. This especially happens when it is hot and humid outside. Oxidation causes your skin to turn green when it reacts to silver jewelry and gives it a tarnished appearance.

Usually, gold jewelry does not turn the skin green, but this happens when gold is mixed with other metals like silver, copper, and nickel. This is done to make the jewelry more durable and more affordable.  24 Karat gold is too soft so other metals are mixed in to strengthen the gold. 

Copper jewelry may or may not cause a green discoloration to your skin due to your metabolism. Chelated copper deposits react to your body chemistry and give your skin a green stain.

Other inexpensive jewelry that contains nickel can also result in green skin. Although nickel is not detrimental to health in small quantities, it may cause an allergic reaction to some people and result in red and itchy skin, in addition to the discoloration.

Sterling silver, on the other hand, is 7.5% copper. However, this does not give the skin a green stain. Instead, it causes a black stain because of the tarnishing of the metal. 

Thousands of jewelry designers, manufacturers and owners solve the following problems with ProtectaClear.

They are now confident that their customers will be happy with the quality of their jewelry. ProtectaClear is a skin-safe, anti-tarnish clear coating that is practically invisible and will protect your jewelry from tarnish, oxidation and fading. ProtectaClear is a clear, almost invisible coating that will prevent tarnish, oxidation and will seal the metal to prevent skin reactions. Many people report that they can now wear jewelry that they were unable to wear before. See more information about ProtectaClear and jewelry including videos. 

ProtectaClear will also stop the tarnish and fading of many of your jewelry pieces and will protect plated metal from .

  • Stop tarnish and oxidation on jewelry.

  • Preserve Patinas from discoloring and wearing off.

  • Protect plated metals from wearing off.

  • Seal metal and stop skin discoloration and allergies.


Is ProtectaClear safe on jewelry to be worn on skin? Yes, ProtectaClear is safe on skin and is used by many jewelery designers. ProtectaClear will protect the copper as well as the skin of the wearer from discoloration. ProtectaClear is practically invisible and is used on polished copper and even copper with patina on it. ProtectaClear is tough and scratch resistant, once it is cured.

Can ProtectaClear be used on Filigree Jewelry? Yes, you can dip the jewelry or use an aerosol can of ProtectaClear to coat filigree jewelry. If the filigree is very tight, you can just blow it gently to break the surface tension of the coating so it adheres to the metal.

Jewelry Coated PC

Can ProtectaClear be used on Stones or Minerals? Yes, ProtectaClear can be used on stones and minerals and will enhance the look. However, delicate gems like pearls or opals should not be coated with anything. Also, coating soft plastic beads or non-metalic stringing material is not recommended.

Can ProtectaClear be removed from stones or minerals?Yes, ProtectaClear can be removed if necessary with a Q-tip using a solvent such as Xylene.

For more information about protection of jewelry, click here

What do I need to Seal and Protect my Jewelry and my Skin?

ProtectaClear is a clear, protective coating that is easy to apply but is tough enough to protect jewelry and is safe for wear against skin. ProtectaClear is practically invisible once applied, dries quickly and will seal and protect jewelry from tarnish, oxidation, and corrosion. Protects skin from allergies and discoloration. Completely removable if necessary. 


One ounce of ProtectaClear will cover about 4 square feet. This is enough to cover most personal jewelry collections. Try it for just $12.95 plus postage.

ProtectaClear 4 oz. can will seal about 25 square feet of jewelry

A 4oz. can of ProtectaClear will cover about 25 square feet. This is enough to cover the largest personal jewelry collections. Just $19.95 plus postage.

Available in 1 Ounce, 4 ounce cans, PintsQuarts & Gallons. Aerosol cans available in 2 sizes. Click Here to see all sizes.

ProtectaClear can be applied on jewelry by spraying, brushing or by dipping. It is really a personal preference.

Choose the ProtectaClear Combo Kit and Save $2 over buying individually.

Do you need a ProtectaClear kit with Polish?

ProtectaClear Polish Small Kit

 ProtectaClear Kit with MAAS Polish - Will Polish & Protect about 25 sq. ft.

Larger Kits of 
ProtectaClear with Polish are also available.

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