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Stop Fingerprints, Tarnish and Oxidation on Copper

What causes unsightly fingerprints on freshly polished copper? Fingerprints and smudges are caused by acids, oils, and salts on your hands. Freshly cleaned and polished copper is especially sensitive to fingerprints.

To avoid getting fingerprints or smudges on unprotected copper, wear gloves. If you are having a copper roof or copper gutters installed, ask the workers to wear gloves to avoid the dark fingerprints. Even cotton gloves will help protect the copper from fingerprints.

ProtectaClear® is an easy to apply, tough, clear protective coating that will keep your looking like you just finished polishing it. ProtectaClear® is great for interior copper or copper that gets a lot of use like lamps, copper sinks, copper hardware, copper knick-knacks, copper bowls, and more. Use ProtectaClear® for copper fountains or copper around water.

Everbrite™ is also easy to apply, self-leveling clear protective coating that will keep exterior copper from tarnishing. Everbrite™ has extra U.V. protection for copper roofs, copper gutters, copper cupolas, copper garden art, and countless other copper items.

Ammonia removes non-silicone-based waxes that may be on the surface prior to coating.

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