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Silver Coffee Set coated with ProtectaClear to prevent tarnish

STOP Tarnish with ProtectaClear

Stop Polishing and Enjoy the Beauty

Do you want to put your silver out but can't stand the thought of having to polish it all just to have it tarnish again?

Silver Tea Sets, Silver Coffee Sets, Silver Jewelry, Silver Champagne Buckets, Sterling Silver and even Plated Silver all look great when they are freshly polished but will soon lose their luster unless protected. Constant polishing is not practical and waterspots can instantly ruin the look of your beautiful silver.

Tarnished Silver Bowl Silver Bowl coated with ProtectaClear

ProtectaClear is an easy to apply, tough, clear protective coating that will keep your silver looking like you just finished polishing it. ProtectaClear is easy to apply, self leveling so brush marks disappear, dries clear and tough and will never yellow, crack or peel like lacquers.

Chandelier and Candlesticks coated with ProtectaClear

How to Clean Silver Using Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil.

There are many good commercial silver cleaners available at grocery and hardware stores. We have found that MAAS Polish does an excellent job and does not require neutralizing like acid based cleaners. There are also natural silver cleaners you can use made from homemade items. Once the silver is polished, you can seal out the tarnish and seal in the beauty with ProtectaClear.

Badly Tarnished Silver with Aluminum Foil and Baking Soda The polished silver is gleeming and beautiful.

To prevent your silver from tarnishing again, apply ProtectaClear. ProtectaClear is an easy to apply clear protective coating that looks very natural and will keep your silver looking like it is freshly polished. Simply wipe the ProtectaClear coating on with the applicator pad that comes with every order of liquid coating. You can also use natural bristled brushes to paint on ProtectaClear which is self-leveling and the brush marks will disappear.

What Do I need to Protect My Silver?

ProtectaClear Coatings

View ProtectaClear Coatings For New or Freshly polished silver, use just the ProtectaClear Coating

ProtectaClear Kits with Polish

For tarnished silver, use ProtectaClear Kits with Maas Polish

More options

More options ProtectaClear Kits with other cleaners.

What Do I need to Protect My Silver?

ProtectaClear 4 oz. will seal and protect about 25 Square Feet.

ProtectaClear 4 oz. will seal and protect about 25 Square Feet.

Need Polish Also?

ProtectaClear Kit Plus MAAS Polish will restore your silver

ProtectaClear Kit with MAAS Polish - Polish & Protect 25 SF.

Larger ProtectaClear Kits available.

"Wow, I am impressed with the way ProtectaClear shined up our silver! My wife and I put off cleaning up our silver because it's so much work every few months. I don't like to polish silver. We coated the silver with ProtectaClear. I really thought that it would dim the shine a little, but because it is such a fine coating, I think it made the silver shine more! It was easy to apply. We used a small natural bristle paint brush. ProtectaClear goes on so smooth that the brush strokes leveled out and dissappeared immediately. It drys hard and looks great. The best time saver is that I may never have to polish my silver again as long as I live! What a great feeling! I'd recommend ProtectaClear to anyone, unless of course, they just like to sit around and polish silver. This is a great product!
Thanks," Joe Bader, Boerne, Texas

"I had wanted to write you and send you a picture of our silver plated chandelier after I coated it with ProtectaClear. I'll send you a photo as well as telling you how happy I am with the results, not to mention how relieved I am that I will never have to polish that sucker again! also, you'll see 2 pewter candlesticks that we coated as well. again,great results and more relief! all the best to you and everyone at Everbrite."
Sincerely, Jim Shippee

I have used ProtectaClear and my silver service looks great. Thanks very much for an excellent product.
Doug Hull

"ProtectaClear helped my silver set sell on Ebay. Thanks. " Greg Porter

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