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Instructions - Why and how to ensure the surface to be coated is completely clean.

Clear coatings like Everbrite or ProtectaClear have excellent adhesion on surfaces that are clean and dry. In order to ensure a completely clean surface, unpainted, polished, anodized or bare metals need to be wiped with a solvent. They should be wiped with lint free cloth or paper towels and a solvent immediately before the coating is applied.

The solvent needs to be a clean solvent without additives like oils. Do not solvent wipe between coats. The solvents mentioned below can usually be found at Home Depot, Lowe's and most hardware and paint stores. Always wear personal protection when working with solvents. Solvent resistant gloves and eye protection are essential. Please read and follow all directions from the manufacturer.

Which solvents are recommended?

Xylene is a clean, medium grade solvent cleaner. Xylene is the chemical name. There are several name brands available at most hardware and some paint stores. Xylol or Sunnyside are several brand names. Xylene can also be used to remove coatings.

In some areas, you cannot get xylene. There are xylene substitutes you can use. Here is an example of one. It says "Substitute for xylene" on the can.

Denatured alcohol (NOT Isopropyl or medical alcohol) is a clean solvent and can be used to wipe down the surface to remove contaminants. However, denatured alcohol is not strong enough to remove Everbrite or ProtectaClear once they are cured.

In CANADA, methyl hydrate can be used instead of denatured alcohol. In Australia, you can use denatured ethanol.

Acetone can be used to clean bare metal to ensure a clean surface. Care must be taken not to use around any painted metal because acetone is strong and will harm painted surfaces. Acetone can be used to remove coatings but it flashes off very quickly and can be more difficult to work with.

Which solvents are NOT recommended.

Nail polish remover is acetone but often has oils in it to protect fingernails. So nail polish remover is not recommended for a final wipe before coating. If this is used to remove a coating, then a final wipe with a clean solvent.

Lacquer thinner is not recommended for the final solvent wipe because it can contain oils. Lacquer thinner can be used to remove coatings including Everbrite and ProtectaClear but if the surface is to be recoated, it should have a final wipe with a clean solvent.

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol will leave a film and are not recommended.

Mineral Spirits can be used to remove silicone from metal but can leave a residue. If you use mineral spirits, make sure to wipe the metal with a clean solvent before coating.

Solvent blends are not recommended because they can have ingredients that leave a film. Brake cleaners are included in this category

Can the solvents be shipped to me?

Most solvents are flammable and cannot be shipped by US mail, UPS or other common carriers. You can purchase the solvents for your project at many hardware or paint stores.

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