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How to Restore the Color and Luster on Aluminum, Steel or other Painted Metal.

Aluminum siding first began appearing on homes in the early 1960s. It is advertised as "low-maintenance". The problem, however is that this product experiences corrosion, especially in areas of high humidity or salty ocean winds. The UV rays from the sun breaks down the paint, fades aluminum siding and creates chalking. Salt air can corrode the metal causing ugly corrosion. Even when the siding is cleaned, it can remain dull and dingy.

Instead of repainting metal siding and losing the original finish, you can rejuvenate the finish and color on your original siding to look new again with Everbrite Protective Coating. Not only will your siding look great again, but it will be very easy to keep it clean and it will be protected from sun fading, salt air oxidation and other damaging elements. Once your siding is refinished, all it will need is an occasional water rinse to keep it looking great for years. Everbrite also restores the color and luster of metal buildings, pool cages, lanai's and other painted metal.

Refinishing your siding or other painted metal is a two step process.

Step one. Clean the siding

The goal in cleaning the metal siding is not only to remove dirt and grime, but to remove all the chalky oxidation, wax or grease that may be on the surface so the coating can adhere properly.

STEP 1 - CLEANING PAINTED METAL These directions are for painted metal – Garage Doors, Storage Doors, Metal Siding, Sheds, Metal Buildings, etc.

There are different directions for NonPainted Metals like Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc. See separate direction sheet for non-painted metal applications.

Materials needed for cleaning:

  • Bucket.
  • Brush (soft bristled brush on pole works very well), Prep Pad, microfiber towel or sponge.
  • Water source with hose.
  • EZ Prep™ Cleaning Concentrate
  • It is a good idea to wear gloves to protect your hands from drying out and eye protection, especially if working where the soap and water can splash.
  1. If the painted surface is very chalky or dirty, the chalk or dirt can first be removed with plain water and a Prep Pad, sponge or cloth. Rinse out the pad or cloth often with plain water. Clean evenly.
  2. Fill bucket with a couple of gallons of water. Pour in about 1 oz. of EZ Prep™ Concentrated Cleaner per gallon of water.
  3. Rinse the surface down with water. Do NOT apply soap solution on dry surface or it may streak.
  4. Dip brush or sponge into soap solution and apply to surface, cleaning all areas evenly.
  5. DO NOT ALLOW SOAP TO DRY ON SURFACE. Rinse THOROUGHLY. Wash in sections if necessary. When rinsing, make sure the water sheets off and there are no bubbles or areas where the water beads up. If the water does not sheet off the door or if there are bubbles or the water beads, the surface is not clean. Rewash the surface. Rinse thoroughly until there are no bubbles and the water sheets off.
  6. Let dry. If there is any chalk or oxidation still on the surface, rewash or wipe off with clean rag (microfiber towels work great) and plain water. Make sure there is no cleaner or other contaminants left on the surface.
  7. Let dry completely before application of the coating.

***Please read and follow all directions and cautions on packaging and Material Safety Data Sheet. Additional information in the Technical Specifications.


Materials needed:

  • Everbrite™ Protective Coating.
  • Applicator: Clearcoat Applicator, Microfiber Roller or Solvent Rated Paint Brush. For application on larger areas, spraying the coating is much easier than wiping it on. Use a paint sprayer with a metal or solvent rated container with a fine finish tip.
  • Metal Application pan. A metal paint pan or the throwaway aluminum cake or loaf pans work well.
  • Personal Protection: Nitrile or chemical protective gloves to protect your hands. (Rubber gloves will get sticky), Glasses, NIOSH Respirator if spraying the coating.
  1. Pour a small amount of Everbrite™ into clean, dry metal container. Do not use plastic. DO NOT DILUTE EVERBRITE COATINGS WITH ANYTHING ELSE.
  2. Dip the applicator completely into the Everbrite™. Squeeze out just the excess. Applicator should be completely wet but should not be dripping.
  3. Apply the Everbrite™ to the surface, letting the applicator glide across the surface. Do NOT press hard. The applicator should glide smoothly, when it starts sticking, dip applicator in Everbrite™ again. If you get drips or runs on the surface, simply wipe them out with your applicator before the coating dries.
  4. Once you apply the coating, leave it alone and let the coating dry. It will self-level as it dries. Two coats are recommended on most surfaces.

Any missed areas or thin areas can be touched up after the coating is dry to touch. Don’t try to fix the coating as it dries, let it dry and then reapply. Many surfaces will benefit from several coats. Let the coating dry for at least an hour between coats. The coating will dry to touch in about 15-40 minutes depending on the temperature & humidity. ***If you see streaks, it is generally caused by not having the coating evenly distributed throughout the applicator or by pressing too hard and not leaving enough coating on the surface. That’s it. NO rubbing, NO buffing, Let dry & enjoy the beautiful, new looking, easy to maintain surface. Dirt and dust will not penetrate into the new finish and will be much easier to keep clean.

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My metal siding has mildew or mold on it, what can I do?

Many homes get mold or mildew which can dull siding and awnings. Normally, this happens on the north side or in shaded areas. Remove mildew or mold by adding bleach to the wash water or spraying a solution of bleach and water onto your siding with a garden sprayer. Add one part bleach to 3 parts water. Make sure to protect your eyes & the rest of you (hair, etc) so the bleach will not harm you. Be careful as bleach will hurt your plants. You may want to tarp them to protect them. If you do get bleach on your plants, make sure to rinse them off immediately with clean water.

My siding has been repainted, will EVERBRITE work to bring back the color and shine?

If you have already painted your aluminum siding, Everbrite Coating will seal the paint from moisture and protect it from fading. It will also help keep the paint elastic so it will expand and contract with the siding.


As with any project, use extreme care when working on a ladder. Safety is always important. Make sure the ladder is in good condition and is set safely. Another thing to watch out for is the electrical lines going into your home. Make sure to steer clear of them, especially if you have a metal ladder.

If using bleach to remove mildew, make sure to protect your eyes & the rest of you (hair, etc) so the bleach will not harm you. Be careful as bleach will hurt your plants. You may want to tarp them to protect them. If you do get bleach on your plants, make sure to rinse them off immediately with clean water.

Read and follow complete directions in the Technical Specifications and the S.D.S. Included with each order.

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We will be happy to help you figure out what you need to refinish your siding. Measure the approximate length and height of your walls and take a close look at the oxidation on your home. You may want to clean a small area of your siding with a wet cloth or sponge to see how easily the oxidation comes off.

Try Everbrite Protective Coating on your siding and see just how beautiful and easy to care for your siding can be. Want to try it first?

What Do I need to Restore the Color and Luster on Aluminum, Steel or other Painted Metal.

Small Everbrite Restoration Kit

Everbrite Trial Kit Refinish about 25 square feet.

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