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Acid Rain Damage Can Be Prevented 

Everbrite Protective Coating will prevent acid damage on metal.

Acid rain is rain, snow or fog that is polluted by acid in the atmosphere and damages the environment. Two common air pollutants acidify rain: sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOX). When these substances are released into the atmosphere, they can be carried over long distances by prevailing winds before returning to earth as acidic rain, snow, fog or dust. When the environment cannot neutralize the acid being deposited, damage occurs.

Acid rain and the dry deposition of acidic particles damage buildings, statues, automobiles, and other structures made of stone, metal, or any other material exposed to weather for long periods. The corrosive damage can be expensive and, in cities with very historic buildings, tragic.

Acid rain damage on Rollup Door
Acid rain damage on metal

This picture shows the damage that acid rain caused on a metal roll up door. The metal is etched by the acid rain.

Acid rain can wreak havoc on your metal doors and buildings, even if you are not in an area with refineries, factories or power plants. Acid-rain damage creates dark streaks on the metal that are permanently etched and cannot be removed. This damage cannot be reversed, but it can be prevented.

Everbrite Protective Coating will protect surfaces from the damage that acid rain can cause. Everbrite is a clear, protective coating that will seal metal, looks very natural and will protect from acid rain, rust, white rust, corrosion, oxidation and other damaging elements.

Trial Kit

An Everbrite Trial Kit will clean and restore about 25 square feet.

Starter Kit

A Starter Kit will clean and restore about 150 square feet.

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