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Love Copper Accents For Your Deck Or Fence?

Keep Copper Deck Caps Shiny and New with Everbrite.

Copper post caps protect the wood posts from the weather and provide a finished look for your rails. If you like the way your copper deck post tops enhance the look of your deck, giving your home warm accents, you can keep them looking like copper.

If not protected, the copper will weather and turn brown very quickly and the distinctive copper look is lost. It takes many, many years for copper to turn from brown to green.

You love the warm glow of the metal. But, how do you keep the copper and brass from tarnishing or weathering? Everbrite Protective Coating is a clear, easy to apply, protective coating that will keep your copper gutters looking new and will prevent tarnish and weathering.

Everbrite is a clear, protective coating that will seal and protect your copper deck posts from tarnish and oxidation, preserving the warm glow of the copper. Everbrite is not a lacquer and will not yellow or darken when exposed to sunlight. Everbrite will stay crystal clear and will not detract from the beautiful glow of the copper.

Copper Cap coated with Everbrite with snow.

Everbrite is easy to apply. Wipe on, Roll on, Brush on or Spray on cleaned, neutralized copper and let dry. That's it.

Copper Deck Caps Before and After

Copper Caps Cleaned and Coated with Everbrite. See how it was done.

Everbrite is also used to protect copper roofs, copper gutters & copper garden art as well as other exterior metal.

What do I need to Keep my Copper Shiny & New?

New Copper?

You will just need the Everbrite Coating. Wipe the copper with a clean solvent to remove any mill oil or contaminants and apply 2 coats of Everbrite for long lasting results.

Is your copper tarnished?
Need Polish?

Everbrite Kit with MAAS Polish. Includes MAAS Metal Polish that is not acid based. Skip the Neutralizing Step. Polish & Seal about 125 SF.

Heavily Tarnished Copper?

Everbrite Kits with Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel.

Copper Clean & Seal Kit - Small This Kit Includes Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel, EZ-Prep Neutralizer, Maas Metal Polish and Everbrite Protective Coating to clean and seal about 25 sq. ft.

Copper Clean & Seal Kit - Medium
This Kit Includes Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel, EZ-Prep Neutralizer, Maas Metal Polish and Everbrite Protective Coating to clean and seal about 125 sq. ft.

For Heavily Tarnished Copper, Check out HD Copper Cleaning Gel. Pictures.

Other Everbrite Kits with Polishes and Copper Cleaners.

What Customers are Saying:

"Here are some before and after pictures of the copper tops we had made for our desk posts.
Following restoration of the caps, we applied Everbrite. (The use of Everbrite was the easy part. lol) Now, one year later, the caps still look great." Dick Holmes Adrian, Michigan

"I did get a chance to use the Everbrite. It looks great! The application was a piece of cake. Thanks for your help."Clarence T.

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